If You Are Going To Date A Pisces Here Are 9 Things You Should Know

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1. Pisces are overly sensitive.

Out of any sign, Pisces are the most sensitive. They take any and everything very personal. Because of this everything they say are words chosen very carefully. Being as sensitive as they are you’ll likely offend them and find yourself apologizing for things you didn’t even think twice about. But dating a Pisces will teach you more about patience and understanding then anything else.

2. They are very in tune with people’s emotions.

Pisces pick up on the vibes people give out. They will be the first to realize if someone doesn’t like them. They will be the first to know if someone is uncomfortable. If you think you are good at hiding emotions, Pisces will see right through it.

If you think you guys can fight and they won’t confront you about it you’re wrong. They understand. And most fights will ever last long because of this.

3. They are usually very shy at first.

Normally it takes them a very long time to come around and trust you. In the beginning, you might have thought they didn’t like you or your friends but it just takes them a while to get comfortable. Once they do realize they can trust their walls fall completely down and you see a very different side to them.

When you introduce them to your friends and family lead stand confidently with them because they are probably really nervous.

4. Always want to find the good in people.

Their judgment isn’t always the best because they really do naturally see the good in everyone and everything. This might cause them to gravitate towards people who don’t always treat them good all the time. If you’re dating a Pisces you’re going to see things they don’t in their relationships with others because they never see the whole picture or naively only see the good.

Be the strong one. Be the one fighting for them. There’s a good chance no one has ever done that before.

5. Give too many chances.

They give a lot of second chances. They forget very quickly when someone wrongs them and simply wait for them to do something good and right. This frustrates anyone who cares about a Pisces watching someone take advantage of the fact they are like this.

But you’ll also learn about forgiveness dating a Pisces.

6. They are overthinkers.

Out of any sign, Pisces overthink everything. Every situation in their mind goes from zero to a hundred. Because they are so in tune with emotions as well as other people’s and their level of empathy is so great, they have an ability to see things from someone else’s perspective and feel it unlike anyone else. So when they say and do things, they often think about the other person’s reaction and feeling.

Dating a Pisces will be filled with constant reassurance because that’s what they need.

8. Follow their heart vs. their head.

While something might seem like the logical choice a Pisces will always go with what feels right. So if you are dating you are going to have to be the one making sound decisions in the relationship.

But being with someone like this, if you have their heart they give it to you fully and don’t hold back. They love very hard and aren’t afraid of its depth.

9. Need constant praise to succeed.

Pisces thrives on being rewarded for doing well. It keeps them motivated and wanting to do more. They always want to please people but it hurts them very deeply when their efforts aren’t being matched or appreciated.
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