If She Unknowingly Makes You Do These 16 Things You Should Probably Think Twice About Her

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1. If she pushes you to see your potential.

It isn’t just important to find someone who makes you happy but someone who pushes you. Someone who believes in your goals and dreams and ambitions. Someone who truly believes you are one of the best people there is. Finding support and someone to push you past your comfort zone is what it’s all about.

2. If she makes you want to be a better man.

Find the person who makes you look at yourself and realize you gotta step up your own game if you want someone like her. She’s the girl who makes you want to be your best self because that’s what she deserves in someone.

3. If it hurts you to hurt her or disappoint her.

It’s when you find yourself saying things you don’t mean in a fight you didn’t know how you even got in. And it doesn’t hurt you what she might have done but how you reacted to what she did. And it hurts you because in the midst of it you hurt her. And the thought of hurting her or upsetting her the way others have isn’t something you can live with. You meet her halfway forgiving her, as well as apologizing yourself.

4. If you find yourself thinking about her randomly.

You care about other people, you see other people, you sleep with other people. But she’s always been right there and while everyone comes and goes there’s a comfort and security in her consistency but even when she’s not she’s in the back of your mind.

5. If her attention is the one you’re trying to get.

You find yourself trying to get her attention. Something you do. Something you say. Something you post. You like looking at your phone and knowing she was the first to see it. There is something about her caring, that matters more than everyone else.

6. If she understands you without you having to say anything at all.

It’s like an unspoken dialogue between you two. A language between the eyes. An ability to read between the lines of words said. She has this ability to read you better than anyone because you guys are programmed the exact same way emotionally. Sometimes it’s scary meeting someone who is right there with you. Because there are moments you’ve felt alone but with her, it’s like finally someone has met you there and understands it.

7. If your relationship actually has substance.

When you compare the relationship you have with her to the ones you have with others you realize how boring they are. Maybe not boring but you just realize everything is just a little more exciting with her. Little things. With other people your relationships have always been based on interests, what you do, where you like going ect. With her your relationship is based solely on who you are as a person.

8. If you find yourself going out of her way for you.

She asks you to do something or be somewhere and you’re there. You don’t even think twice about it. With her it’s always yes.

9. If you suddenly are careful with everything you say.

You find yourself censoring the things you say, not because she’d judge you or you have to be careful but because you don’t want to hurt her ever and you know she hangs onto every word you say. As you do her. Most people say things that sound nice or things they don’t mean, she’s one of those rare people who have taught you, don’t say things unless you genuinelly mean them.

10. If you’re trying to impress her.

She simplistically impresses you without even trying and you find yourself trying to keep up. Bragging about little things and accomplishments. But the truth is you wouldn’t have to do anything at all but be yourself and she’d be impressed.

11. If you find yourself jealous.

You brush it off like it’s nothing. Those things you feel when she smiles at you or how you laugh when she tells a really bad joke. But there have been moments that have caught you off guard with how you emotionally responded. That first time she introduced you to someone she swore was just a friend, as you watched longer than you should have as they walked away. The delayed response late at night when she usually answers, you wondered who she was with. That time she confided in you about someone she cared about, you got this little ping of jealousy. Maybe you’re afraid someone will realize everything you already know that you’re too afraid to act on.

12. If she believes in you even when you question yourself.

Sometimes you wish you saw yourself the way she did. You look in the mirror and see everything you’ve done wrong and she just looks at you like you’re everything that’s right, flaws and all. There’s something about her belief in you that is unlike anything you’ve ever known.

13. If she loves you unconditionally even when she’s sees you at your worst.

Just as you’ve seen her at her worst and forgiven you, she’s met you there too. Maybe you hurt her, maybe you were unkind. Maybe she was too. But regardless of everything you’ve been through good and bad when someone brings up your name, you should see the way she lights up. It’s the type of love you don’t have to say but everyone sees. And I know you feel it a little too.

14. If she knows you better than your friends.

You friends know you for your surface details you present to the world. But they aren’t the ones up with you at night talking. They aren’t the ones asking about your past trying to understand you. They aren’t the ones who want to know every one of your favorite things. And you know her too. You trust her. You confide in her. You believe in her. As much as she does the same. The truth is despite how many walls you might have tried to put up, she got through them.

15. If you smile every time you see her name come across your screen.

It’s never a text or notification that annoys you. It’s someone you love hearing from. Conversations that last hours. Someone you hate going a day without talking to. So you don’t.

16. If she scares you a bit.

She scares you because she’s not like anyone else. She scares you because you care. She scares you because you know she’d be good for you. But there is something terrifying about being handed something you know could be so right and being frozen with fear of doing something wrong. So you don’t do anything at all.

And she stands there smiling at you, because regardless of what you may or may not ever admit is there, she feels it and she knows it and she still thinks you are the best thing to have happened to her in a while. And that’s enough for her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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