When You Meet The Right Person You’ll Realize How Easy It’s Supposed To Be

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When you finally meet the right person there’s this unfamiliar confidence you have in another person. It’s just looking at them and knowing.

In the past, you might have just known blurry lines and confusion. Games and mixed signals.

But suddenly all of those things disappear.

When you finally meet the right person there’s this certainty you have not just in yourself and your judgment but in them and what they do to make you feel safe.

In the past it always felt like you were walking on eggshells. When every wrong move could have led to something ending or someone just leaving you had to be careful.

But suddenly it’s like you don’t have to worry too much about anything because this person accepts you in all forms.

When you finally meet the right person you realize home has never been a place but rather this person who has given you a reason to stay.

In the past all places did were remind you of regrets in the forms of names.

But suddenly this person recreates everything and repaints it into something beautiful.

When you meet the right person you suddenly find yourself not dwelling the past and allowing that to haunt you but rather looking forward to a future because in someone else’s eyes you see a calmness you’ve never known.

In the past, you took relationships day by day knowing it could change at any moment.

Suddenly this person just shows you what a relationship should be.

When you finally meet the right person they’ll introduce you to their family and friends because they want them to know about the person who has swept them off their feet.

In the past all people did was give excuses as to why you couldn’t meet their family.

Suddenly this person shows you what being serious about someone actually means.

When you finally meet the right person you’ll see someone caring as much as you do.

In the past, all it was, was an effort on your part and hoping someone would reciprocate it. But all they did was take what you had to give and not care.

Suddenly this person is this example of everything you’ve ever deserved. They want to be the ones who are different.

Because it isn’t just about winning you over, it’s about giving you a reason to stay once they already have you.
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