This Is What Really Happens When You Cheat On Her

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When you cheat you’re cheating yourself out of the loyalty of another.

Because at the moment she might not be a thought in your mind, she’s staying waiting up for your call.

When you cheat you’re cheating yourself out of trust you each built to earn in each other’s lives.

Because her guard was up with you but she let you in apprehensively.

When you cheat you’re cheating yourself out of the love that could have been something.

Because while she says I love you, you’re choosing not to love her.

When you cheat you’re cheating someone out of the love they deserve in their life.

Because there is someone hoping and praying to meet someone like her who will treat her well.

When you cheat you’re cheating someone out of the truth.

Because she’s been nothing but honest.

When you cheat you’re cheating someone out of time.

Whether it’s your girlfriend who has devoted much of her life to you or it’s the other girl who actually thinks you are a decent guy.

Don’t waste someone’s time because you’re unsure of what you want to do on your own.

When you cheat you’re really cheating yourself because it will come back around and bite you in the ass.

When you cheat you’re ruining her perception of love and relationships.

The mess you created in their life someone else is going to have to clean up.

The trust someone else deserves that she put into you someone else won’t get as easy.

The person who could very well make her happy she’s pushing away because she’s scared to be deceived again.

You ruin her a little more every time you cheat.

You break her heart a little more every time you come home too late.

You make her feel like a fool for suspecting something but then you go and make her feel guilty for accusations. When she’s 100% right.

The truth is you don’t deserve her.

You don’t deserve her love, her loyalty or her trust.

If you aren’t happy with her then don’t be with her.

But you don’t get to pick and choose when you want a girlfriend.

That isn’t how it works. And maybe you got away with it for a bit.

Maybe you think you’re being coy pulling one over on her.

But she will find out. And when she does you’re going to feel more alone than ever.

Because the root of cheating isn’t her not being good enough.

The root of it is you not being good enough for yourself so you fill the void in the arms of another knowing very well you’re still empty. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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