Don’t Date Until You Meet A Guy Who Is Like This

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Don’t date a guy until you meet a guy who is truly a gentleman in every sense of the word.

Someone who has manners.

From opening to your door, to taking your jacket, to pulling out your chair.

Don’t date a guy until he gives you his undivided attention.

One who isn’t constantly looking at his phone in your presence.

One who understands the value of time and values you’ve given him yours.

Don’t date a guy until you find someone willing to pay.

Because that’s how he’s been raised.

Don’t date a guy until he wants to meet your family.

One who brings something with him to give to your mom.

One who respects your dad and wants to build that relationship.

Don’t date a guy until he proves he wants you in his future.

One who talks about dates and time and things you’ll be included in.

Don’t date a guy who is unsure.

Unsure of his future.

Unsure of you.

One who doesn’t know his next move.

One who keeps you guessing.

One who plays games.

And is probably playing more than just you.

Don’t date until he shows you he wants you and only you.

Someone who demands commitment and doesn’t fear it.

Don’t date a guy until he takes your hand proudly and leads you into a room.

Because he wants everyone to know you are with him.

The one whose friends already know you.

The one whose family already loves you and includes you.

Don’t date a guy that takes things fast.

Because the good ones know the best things are worth waiting for.

The one who works to break down your walls.

The one who doesn’t take off the moment he sees you at your worst or most vulnerable.

But matches it and lets you in too.

Don’t date a guy until he respects you.

Respects your views.

Your choices.

Your career.

Your hobbies.

And whether or not he’s into the same thing, he supports you.

Don’t date a guy until he proves he has your back.

And will always defend you.

As you will him.

One who knows the foundation of a good relationship is that built on trust.

Someone who knows you guys are a team.

And you work to build each other up.

Not someone who tears you don’t.

Don’t date him unless hurting you breaks his heart to a point where he can’t continue with his day until he knows you are okay.

Someone who doesn’t walk away when you fight. But fights with you to fix it.

Don’t date him unless he shows you he really cares.

Because relationships are so much more than words.

A good morning text is nice but flowers sent to your office is better.

A like and a comment are nice but taking you out and surprising you is better.

Saying I love you first is nice but telling you exactly why he loves you is better.

The little details he notices about you. The reasons why.

It’s actions.

Relationships are so much more than some Instagram picture and hoping you get a lot of likes.

It’s about what is behind that.

We all want to appear like our relationship is picture perfect.

But don’t date a guy until it is.

Don’t settle just because you are lonely.

Wait for the right person who will change your life in such a way it becomes the best life you have.

Wait for what you deserve.

Wait for the person who can’t live without you.

Wait for the one who chooses you every day.

Because he is out there.

So until you find a man who is all these things, don’t date. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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