11 Uncomfortable Signs He’s Not Like The Rest Of Them


When you meet someone who is unlike anyone else first you’re unbelievably apprehensive. You question them but it isn’t them you’re questioning it’s everyone from your past. After the last time, you swore you’d be more guarded. You swore you wouldn’t let someone trick you as you fall for lines. You swore last time was the last you’d let someone close enough because every time in the past it’s led to heartbreak.

But then you meet someone different. Someone you don’t want to let in so easily. Someone who makes it easy. And try and convince yourself there isn’t something there. But regardless of how hard you try and deny the obvious, you can’t. Without even meaning to you fall a little faster.

Your head tells you not to but your heart is already in it. And there’s something that just feels different this time.

1. He’s been honest with you from the start.

From the moment you met him, there was just something different about him. He called when he said he would. He texted you when he said he would. He stuck with the plan you talked about. He’s never once made you question how he feels or what his intentions are.

Meanwhile, you are looking for any sign he might be playing you. But you realize this time it’s not a game and your feelings aren’t some pawn in his game.

2. He takes things slow.

He knows the best things and people are worth waiting for. He doesn’t pressure you. He takes your hand and lets you lead the way and he’s just grateful it’s his hand you’re holding.

3. His word is gold.

Phrases like, “I told you I would didn’t I?” Come in waves of reassurance like it’s something so simple saying something you mean and following through. And you look at him feeling guilty you questioned him in the first place.

4. He listens when you speak and remembers things.

There’s a silence as you tell him things and he just looks at you taking it all in. Appreciating the fact you trust him and confide in him with some of the heavier things. Next thing you know you’re saying things to him you haven’t even admitted to yourself out loud.

But more than that he remembers the little things you say passing in conversation. Your favorite color. Your favorite flower.

5. He surprises you.

He constantly just tries to put a smile on your face even if he’s not there to see it sometimes. It’s the well thought out gestures. The plans. Every little thing. He wants you happy because so much of his happiness includes you.

6. He chooses you every day.

There’s never a second thought or doubt about it.

7. He’s proud to call you his own.

He wants to know your friends. He wants to know your family. He wants to be involved and learn about the things you care about because anything that means a lot to you now means a lot to him.

He’s so happy to have you he wants to show you off to everyone. Because of the many things he’s done wrong or the people he’s hurt in his past you’re the one thing he’s gotten right.

8. He supports you.

In everything, you do he’s got your back. When all you’ve known is looking out for yourself it comes as a surprise when someone is there. You’re scared to trust someone and rely on them but something about his support and being your number one fan makes you realize you can.

9. He wants to hear about your past.

Everyone has a past. Everyone has skeletons in their closet. Everyone has that ex that ruined them. And when you tell him these things he doesn’t look at you as damaged or a mess. If anything he’s grateful for the mistakes others have made in your past. Because had they realized your worth and treated you the way you deserved neither of you would be here.

10. But doesn’t want to repeat it.

He wants to be the example of what you deserve and he’ll never lower that standard or change because you do deserve the best and it takes a rare type of person to see that and more than that act on it.

11. He doesn’t need to hurt you to realize your worth. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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