If You Like Her, Don’t Make Her Question It

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If you like her…

Text her first.

Say good morning.

Or goodnight.

Tell her you that you miss her.

Surprise her.

Compliment her and build her up.

Ask about her day.

Keep the conversation going.

Tell her you like her.

But more than that show her.

Send something more than a snapchat.

Send flowers.

Take her out.

Make a plan.

Follow through.

The truth is all she wants is your time and attention.

Which isn’t much to ask.

Don’t just think of her and carry on with your day.

Tell her.

Don’t take her for granted.

Do something about it.

She won’t always be some option you have.

She won’t always be right there.

She won’t always be the one trying.

And meeting you more than halfway.

One day it’s going to stop.

Because everyone gets tired of giving too much.

Everyone gets tired of loving too hard.

Everyone gets tired of feeling empty when they give the best parts of themselves.

You already know she cares.

You already know she’d do anything for you.

You already know you could have her if you wanted.

And maybe that’s too easy for you.

Maybe you’re used to love that makes you work for it.

I know you care.

But she doesn’t know that yet.

What she does know is she keeps trying.

She keeps caring.

She keeps meeting you half way and you’re never there.

I know you care.

But she doesn’t know that yet.

Because sometimes you answer but not all the time.

Because sometimes you make plans then you cancel.

Because sometimes you make promises you can’t keep.

And she’s the one that gets let down.

Because you say one thing and do another.

You confuse her.

And mess with her head because you can’t decide what’s going on in your own.

And she thinks it’s her fault or something she’s doing wrong.

And maybe you aren’t ready to admit it.

Maybe she’s a little different.

But maybe different is exactly what you need.

Maybe she’s everything you’ve ever needed but didn’t know you wanted. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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