I Think The Problem Is You Like Her A Lot More Than You Want To


I think the problem is you like her a lot more than you’d like to admit.

Maybe there are moments where it completely hits you how much you care about her. Your mind wanders and she’s the one consuming your thoughts. You think about her more than you’d like to but there is not denying there is some sort of feeling there. As you think about more you begin to accept this is how you feel but then you find yourself backpedaling and looking for any reason you shouldn’t feel that way. You don’t want to like her but you do.

I think the problem is she’s different than anyone you’ve ever met and that scares you a bit.

She’s not like anyone else. She’s different and authentic. She’s real and honest and blunt, unlike anyone you’ve ever known. We’ve been told to reject the unfamiliar but no matter how much you push her away or what you do to convince yourself she’s not it, she’s still there. Most girls wouldn’t put up with your shit but she does. And it isn’t out of desperation or seeking attention, it’s because she knows there is something there too and she refuses to give up on you.

I think the problem is the games you play don’t work for someone like her.

She knows exactly what you are doing yet it doesn’t bother her. You try mess with her head. You try and play her. You use social media as some pawn like love and relationship are a game. Normal girls would dish it back to you. Normal girls would give you a taste of your own medicine. Normal girls wouldn’t give you the light of day with the circles you’ve been running. But she’s not like that. She just carries on like every move you make doesn’t matter. Because the truth is no matter what you say or do she’s confident enough in herself to know you wouldn’t be doing this if you didn’t care a little.

I think the problem is you know how good she’d be for you.

She already knows she’d be good for you. She’s just waiting for you to realize it too. And I think you know it in your heart, how good it would be if you gave her a shot. But sometimes we aren’t ready for something good and right to enter our lives.

But she’s in no rush. She knows the best things in life take some time.

I think the problem is she isn’t like the girls you usually go for.

You go for the type who is like you. Maybe that’s the player type. Maybe it’s the type of girl who cares a little more about what she looks like than what she has to say. Maybe it’s the type you know isn’t just talking to one guy but has many lined up just waiting.

She’s not like that though. She the type that goes home alone after nights out. The one who sleeps alone because she likes it that way. She’s the one you read about as easily as your favorite book and doesn’t make receiving her love and affection much of a challenge. And that’s why it’s so hard for you, you’ve been taught love and affection is something you should work for but she doesn’t do that.

I think the problem is you care which isn’t really a problem at all.

But the truth is you care about her which wouldn’t be that big of a deal if you didn’t keep talking yourself out of reasons you don’t care. The more you deny your feelings the more you ending up falling for her. So you might as well just admit it because everyone can see it, even her. She’s just waiting and hoping you come around at your own time before someone beats you to it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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