14 Ways To Tell If You’re ‘On Someone’s Hook’

How I Met Your Mother

“She’s got you on the hook.”

“I’m not on the hook.”

“You are totally on the hook.”

“She’s stringing you along but not committing to you. But she’s keeping you around. Just in case.”

“Don’t feel bad we’ve all been there. I’ve been on both sides of it. I’ve been a hookie. And a hooker.” – How I Met Your Mother

1. They keep details very vague.

‘Maybe’ and ‘we’ll see’ are very common phrases to them. They don’t ever give you a yes and stick to it.

2. They don’t answer all the time.

You sit by your phone wondering what they could be doing if it’s not answering you.

3. You haven’t gone out just you two.

It’s always meeting out somewhere. They’ve never suggested going out together on a date.

4. They text you when they are bored.

When they have nothing better to do they send you that text, “how’s it going?”

5. The second you pull away they try harder.

They try harder for your attention when you aren’t giving them all of theirs.

6. They cancel last minute.

Plans you’ve been looking forward to all week, they back out hours before with some BS excuse you accept but you like them too much to call them out on it.

7. They flirt with you but don’t commit to you.

Yeah, they flirt with you but they like the attention you give them.

8. They reach out to you when they need you.

They maintain the relationship because there are times when they need you for something.

9. They dodge any conversation about feelings.

Regardless of how blunt and forward you are they still manage to avoid talking about what you want to and if you have a shot. You don’t know how they do it but they tip toe around the subject so you stay around.

10. Their friends or family don’t know you.

If their best friend doesn’t know who you are you don’t matter.

11. You keep trying to justify and explain things to your friends.

If you have to explain to your friend’s little details like this relationship is a persuasive essay, even if they like you a little bit, it’s not enough.

12. You’re confused AF

They know how you feel but you have no idea if it’s mutual. Or you don’t want to admit that it isn’t.

13. Your friends don’t like them

Your friends don’t like someone who fucks with how you feel and leads you on it’s as simple as that.

14. It’s been going on longer than you’d like to admit.

You’ve been running in circles with this person for months and you’re exhausted but still, hang on to hope. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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