What Being A Homebody Actually Is Because It Isn’t Being Anti-Social

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A homebody isn’t the person who hates socializing but the one who is selective in their schedule and values their time.

It’s not the one who is too lazy to get ready but rather the one who likes ending the week in sweats, in a t-shirt, with no makeup on.

A homebody isn’t someone who doesn’t like partying it’s just someone who already went through the phase and knows it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

Or it’s that person who never appealed to such a lifestyle.

There’s a comfort in home. A comfort in relaxing. A comfort in Netflix alone and not feeling lonely.

It’s someone who recharges in moments of solitude.

It’s the person who doesn’t suffer from FOMO going through a newsfeed of snap-stories.

It’s someone who is completely okay with where they are right now and confident in that.

And it isn’t that they don’t get invited places they do but they don’t feel the pressure to go sometimes.

And it’s not like they stand alone wishing they were home. They make their appearance, valuing most their time and they won’t stay somewhere they don’t want to be.

A homebody puts themselves first knowing their emotional well-being is more important than their social calendar.

It’s the person whose perfect date is one on the couch, watching a movie, eating pizza and having wine. Instead of wasting too much money at some fancy place in shoes that hurt.

A homebody is completely content with everything and every choice they make.

It’s the ones who would rather be around their family on a Friday night instead of at a crowded bar full of strangers.

The ones who go to bed the time others are going out.

They aren’t comparing themselves to others. The only track they’re on is one that makes them happy.

It’s the person who truly loves home and looks for any excuse to stay.

The truth is they aren’t anti-social. They just have different priorities. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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