16 Signs That Prove He’s One Of The Good Ones


1. He keeps his word.

Find the guy who doesn’t just say things but actually follows through with them. The one you can rely on and know he won’t let you down. The one who you trust more than anyone and builds that confidence within you.

2. He listens when you speak.

Most guys don’t listen. They pretend to. But the right guy not only listens but remembers. Not only remembers but cares about what it is you’re saying. Enjoys the conversation and gives you his undivided attention.

3. He doesn’t try and change you.

Find the guy who knows you have flaws but chooses you, anyway. The guy who wouldn’t want to change you even if he could. The one who makes you more confident to be yourself, more than you’ve ever been. Find the guy who loves you for exactly who you are.

4. He genuinely cares about you.

There’s a genuine feel to him that everyone can sense. It’s more than caring, it’s about caring to always try and do the right thing. Your happiness is his own and your bad days he doesn’t want you to endure alone.

5. He spoils you.

You don’t have to ask for things he just does them. He’s the true definition of a gentlemen. He pays for things, opens your door, pulls out your chair, walks you out. He wants you to know he has the most respect for you. And to him, it doesn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary but you know how rare someone like him is.

6. He builds you up.

Find a guy who isn’t ever going to make you doubt or question yourself. The guy who reminds you of your good qualities. The one who tells you this is who you are and I’m proud of you for it. To build yourself up takes strength. To build others up proves you are even stronger than most.

7. He believes in you.

Whatever the dream is he’s the one in your corner telling you, you can do it. There’s a confidence to you that someone believes in you that much. You want to achieve things for yourself but also for him.

8. And challenges you.

Find the guy who is going to want to make you be a better woman. The guy who makes you step up your own game. The one who makes you proud of the person looking back at you in the mirror.

9. He makes time.

No matter how busy he is or what he has going on, you’re a priority in his life. And he makes the time for you. You know it not just about what he says but by all the things he does.

10. He’s family oriented.

Find the guy who really cares about his family. Because how he treats them will show you how he’ll treat you.

11. He’s honest.

He’s brutally honest and to the point when it comes to things. There’s no use beating around the bush. There are no use playing games. In fact, dating games annoy the shit out of him. Girls and mind games he doesn’t have patience for. He’s going to show you exactly who he is and that’s what you get.

12. He’s kind.

It’s like everything you do and say is reciprocated. And it’s never a question of what type of guy he is, he’s just a good one and you’ve never had to doubt it.

13. He’s authentic.

He’s weird but in the best way. Like you meet him and no one else really compares anymore.

14. He has goals in his future.

He’s never satisfied with anything in life. The lack of comfort is a good thing. It means he’s on the right track of always wanting to achieve something new. He wants to do a lot, if only there were more than 24 hours in a day and the time to achieve so much. His goals aren’t just something in his head, it’s something that will happen for him. To be goal oriented means you have to find someone who has that same motivation and drive.

15. He’s constantly trying to improve.

Whether it’s in his job or personal relationships or overall self, he just wants to be a better person than he was. He achieves that through reading more, following people who are good mentors and surrounding himself with the most positive people.

16. He’s someone you’d proudly introduce to your father.

While a lot of guys in your past have wanted to dodge meeting your family or you’ve wanted to dodge that interaction, you actually want your dad to meet this guy. For the first time, you’ve met someone as good as he is and that’s something you’ve never said about anyone before. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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