This Is Why She Won’t Answer Your Text


You might think she’s over it. You might think she doesn’t care. You might be annoyed and angry and frustrated and confused. But here’s the truth…

It probably took everything in her to ignore that call or text.

She probably went back forth so many times. Caught between what she wants and what she knows is best.

Her heart probably broke, even more, when she unfollowed you and might not have been the person strong enough to do it.

She probably blocked you in tears. But there’s a pain to seeing someone else’s life in a newsfeed when it’s a life you used to be a part of.

There’s pain in pictures of girls that aren’t her and she’s left wondering who that is?

You probably saw her out and she pretended she didn’t see you. And she might have been smiling and laughing a little louder and it appeared she moved on. But what you didn’t see was her fall to her knees on the bathroom floor as her best friend wiped her tears.

The truth is everything about you hurts her.

The truth is everything about you existing floods her with a bunch of emotions that are now pain.

The truth is every good memory you had is replaced with a heartbreaking ending she never wanted in the first place.

While you might not exist in the world of social media, you still take up a large part of her heart and there isn’t an unanswered call or text that can change that.

The truth is she still loves you with every piece of her broken heart but that’s the thing about it, you had to hurt her first to realize what you had.

She never had to test you that way. She never questioned how she felt she only tried to be enough for you.

So if you wonder why she’s not answering it’s probably because she still cares.

The truth is if you’re wondering where she is or what she’s doing, she’s probably doing what’s best and just trying to move on even if every step is a little more painful.

She probably still thinks about you every day.

And if her silence had a voice it’d say ‘I still love you.’Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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