8 Reasons The Girl With A Good Heart Is The One You Shouldn’t Let Go Of

Brandon Woelfel

A good heart is something that cannot be taught. It’s something she either has or she doesn’t. It’s something, someone is born with and a quality so rare sometimes people don’t realize the value of it.

1. She’ll teach you how to love the right way.

Girls with a good heart don’t wait until they are loved to give love. They teach people the right way to love is to give it carelessly even if those people can’t reciprocate it. She knows the right way to love means giving everything you can to someone and being the example they can follow. At times, it’ll seem like she doesn’t run out of love to give, the truth is that’s how it’s supposed to be.

2. She’ll give more than she gets.

No matter what you give she’ll give more. No matter how far you go for her, she’ll go farther. She’s the type of girl who is genetically programmed to never stop giving and she’ll give until she has nothing left to. The truth is your happiness makes up as much of her own, so she’ll go to the ends of the earth for you if she has to.

3. She’s loved by a lot of people.

Everyone loves this type of girl. She gets along with anyone anywhere and no one has a bad thing to say about her. Because the truth is she doesn’t speak badly of anyone either. You’re going to have to share her a bit. As much as you might be a priroity in her life she will spread herself as far as she can to make others happy and not let them down. It’s tiring sometimes but that extra effort she puts in relationships is why people love her.

4. She won’t hurt you.

She’s been hurt a lot. And you wouldn’t think so because of the way she is and how she loves but the truth is the girl with a good heart has more reasons than anyone else for it to turn cold. She makes the deliberate choice to not let people’s inability to love her change the way she loves others. It’s a blessing and curse.

5. She’ll be honest always.

She knows what it feels like to be lied to, to spare her feelings. She won’t do that to you. She won’t lead you on. She’ll be honest even in the moments it hurts. Because honesty she lives by is the most important thing in relationships.

6. She cares about everyone.

She’s selfless and puts everyone first. Even people she doesn’t know or just met she cares about them and her first thought is ‘what can I do to make their life better?’ Selfish isn’t a word she understands because she constantly looks at the world and wants to make it better. She knows kindness is what changes people and she takes it upon herself to be the example people should follow in her life.

7. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.

You won’t ever hear her say mean things about people. And that’s why people like her and like being around her. She lifts others up and is a light in their lives adding positivity and love to it.

8. She’ll make you a better man.

She’s gonna be the one who makes you want to do more for others. She’ll be the one who makes you see things differently.

In moments where you might have just walked past someone who needed help, you now find yourself stopping.

She’ll make you want to be the type of man worthy of standing beside her because while everyone watches her every move, a bit amazed she doesn’t seem to notice.

It’s her aloofness and humble nature of just being herself is what makes her beautiful.

She’ll enter your life and you’ll leave a better man. She’ll enter your life and change the standards you once had because she exceeds them.

She is the type of girl people remember for years. The type of girl people regret not dating when they had the chance. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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