10 Things To Know When She’s Got An Anxious Mind But Kind Heart


1. She’ll overanalyze everything.

Anyone with an anxious mind analyzes everything to the core. They will consider things from every angle and try to predict situations. And while you may think they are paranoid or reading too much into situations, the reason they are like this and worry as they do is because a lot of these things became a reality they hoped wouldn’t. They overanalyze things to protect themselves.

2. She’ll feel everything too deeply.

Anyone who analyzes things aren’t just aware of others but they are every careful themselves. They’ll never intentionally hurt you or go out of their way to make you feel bad. Because the truth is hurting you, hurts them too. They feel things at a level most people don’t. Words to describe them often would be considerate, selfless and an ability to love unconditionally.

3. She’ll apologize too much.

Because they are so aware of things, they will notice the slightest shift in you. That’s a delay of time when answering, a tone changed or even a look that’s different. They are constantly watching for little things like the body language or facial expressions. They know a lot of what people say, don’t come out of their mouth. The moment they realize they could have possibly done something wrong, they’ll apologize immediately. They aren’t afraid to admit when they are wrong, they are just afraid you won’t forgive them for it.

4. She’ll constantly be worrying.

Irrational fears and made up scenarios are an all too real world in the mind of someone anxious. Sometimes the words, ‘it’s okay,’ will solve everything, at least for a little while.

5. She’ll never stop fighting for you.

If you give her even the slightest reason to believe in you, she’ll never lose faith in you. She’ll never lose hope even in moments that seem hopeless. But even the best hearts can’t make someone want to stay. As easy as it was to come into her life, she’ll be the first one holding the door open with a smile as you leave, hoping you come back.

6. She’s not clingy, she’s scared.

There’s a negative connotation to the word clingy. Clingy is someone who cares. Clingy is someone who is passionate. Clingy is someone who respects themselves and their emotions enough to share it with someone else. Clingy is the person who has not let heartbreak turn them cold.

But behind every thought where they second guess themselves is a girl who is scared of getting hurt again.

Behind the girl you call clingy is someone who looks at you and doesn’t want to lose you.

7. She’ll forgive you.

No matter how big or little it might be you’re bound to mess up even when she might not. She’ll be cautious with every step, she’ll be careful with every word. But she doesn’t expect the same of you. A simple I’m sorry and you’re forgiven will do and even then she’ll probably be the one to apologize first even when it wasn’t her fault.

8. She’ll love hard and unconditionally.

Anyone with a good heart gives love away like it isn’t something to be earned. They love the way they’d like to receive it, completely and totally whole. Regardless of how you treat her or how you feel, she won’t change the way she treats you.

9. She doesn’t play by someone else’s rules.

A girl with an anxious mind knows the rules of dating probably better than anyone. And while she’s cautious and analyzes every move she makes, she lives according to her own agenda. To her, the rules of social media etiquette and dating don’t apply. She simply does her own thing, beating her own drum and it’s something you’ll admire in her.

10. She’ll teach you how to love the right way.

While girls with anxious minds have an ability to analyze and overthink things, even better than that is how they love. They don’t let heartbreak or disappointment deter them from loving the way they do. They give until they have nothing left to. These are the people, who are fragile and sensitive but also teach you how to treat others.

Charles Dickens describes it best, ‘Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts.’Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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