You Deserve To Be Someone’s Best Thing

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Twenty 20

You deserve to be the first one someone thinks about even before their eyes open.

You deserve to be the first conversation someone wants to have in the day.

You deserve every text to be answered every time.

You deserve to never have to second guess yourself.

You deserve someone who will fill you with confidence.

And actual phone calls.

Someone who will say yes every time.

You deserve someone who will tell you, ‘This is how much I care about you.’

But more than that someone who will show you.

You deserve someone who will meet you halfway.

You deserve to never have to try too hard or overcompensate.

You deserve someone whose friends already know you.

Whose family accepts you.

Whose love makes you a better version of yourself.

You deserve someone who misses you when you leave.

And isn’t afraid to say it.

You deserve the type of love that will bring you to tears of joy.

And someone who will wipe them with a smile.

You deserve someone who never makes you feel like your love is too much or some burden.

You deserve to look forward to every holiday as you have someone beside you to share it with.

You deserve a love that makes you feel whole because the other person is reciprocating everything you’re feeling.

You deserve to be their plus one without question.

Their best friend without hesitation.

Their conversations throughout the busy work day.

The person they look forward to coming home to.

And to have someone who genuinely cares how your day is going.

You deserve flowers just because.

And surprises that make you feel like you’re the luckiest person in the whole world.

You deserve someone who supports you and helps you to be better.

You deserve someone who looks at you and sees a future making you forget about the past.

You deserve to forget what pain feels like.

You deserve to just look at someone and know they only want you.

You deserve to be someone’s first and only choice.

You deserve Friday nights where you always know you have plans with at least one person.

And Saturday morning with someone who will stay.

You deserve to be someone’s last thought before they go to bed.

You deserve a good night text.

You deserve to be someone’s best day.

You deserve to be someone’s best thing.

But more than that you deserve to have someone look at you like they’ve been waiting their entire life to meet you.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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