This Is What It Means To Be With Someone Who Is Selfless In Love

To even get to a point of dating someone selfless is a task in itself. They’ll push you away. They’ll convince themselves you’re better off without them. They’ll do everything in the world to make you happy without addressing the simple fact, what makes you happy could very well be them if given the chance.

Someone who is selfless in love, loves in such a way it’s almost a flaw.

Because they give everyone what they need, forgetting to give anything or keep much for themselves. They’ll be the first there if you need them. They’ll be the ‘yes’ every time. They’ll be the one you can rely on but they will never ask the same of people.

They don’t have grand expectations, yet they set the bar for others so high. It’s never a simple gesture. Everything is so much more and so thought out, you’ll wonder how someone even has the ability to care so much, care so deeply and care enough to go so far for you?

Their love will make you feel guilty sometimes because you don’t think the way they do. People who love like this will give until there is nothing left to and even then they’ll still try. There is no competing with someone who has endless love to give and is constantly showing it.

They won’t tell you they are hurt.

They’ll be the first to put on a brave face even if it’s hurting them to do so.

If you’re happy even if it’s breaking their heart to see it, they’ll bite their tongue and watch.

Their strength is something people admire most but they’re very hard to read sometimes.

They’ll love you even if you can’t love them back because their love is unconditional.

They will never push you one way or another.

They will simply accept you and what you do have to give and they will appreciate that.

They will always be grateful even for the little things. To them, the little things come to mean a lot.

They are never a priority.

It’s not who they are. They will do anything for anyone but themselves. And they won’t ask much of you unless they really really need it and even then they’ll feel guilty for asking.

The word selfish isn’t in their vocabulary because even if they tried they couldn’t be.

So if you’re going to date someone selfless, don’t take them for granted. Don’t assume they are weak. Because the truth is, it takes strength to love people as deeply as they do and with that, they’ve endured a lot of heartbreak but still haven’t changed.

Imagine a life of continuing to get let down and hurt and still not changing? That’s their reality.

But if you can look at someone like them and value them and love them the right way and the way they deserve, you’ll come to learn you’ve been loving wrong your entire life. Their love will change you. Their love will make you better. Their love will help you to learn how you’re supposed to do it.

And when it does you’ll wonder how it was you that got so lucky. All the while, they’ll be saying thank you and thinking they are the lucky ones. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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