If He Has These 27 Qualities, He’s A Keeper And You Shouldn’t Let Him Go

 Brandon Woelfel
Brandon Woelfel

1. He pays for everything.

Paying for things doesn’t just start in the beginning and slowly fade out, it’s consistent. And he does it simply to show the respect he has for you.

2. He walks you out.

It doesn’t just end with goodbye. He walks you out, says get home safely and cares if you actually do.

3. He opens doors and pulls out chairs.

He knows chivalry isn’t dead and even if he’s the only one who knows it, he chooses to be the example.

4. He’s willing to go out of his way for you.

Favors, even the ones that inconvenience him, he’s willing to do for you. And he does it with a smile without holding it against you ever.

5. He treats his mother like a queen.

How he treats the women in his life is how he’ll treat you. There isn’t anyone he loves and respects more than his mother. And it’s her you’ll have to thank for the man he turned out to be.

6. He doesn’t keep you waiting.

Whether it’s a text or an answer, with him you’re never left wondering.

7. He’s honest.

While you might have questioned others in the past, there’s something about him you trust. It’s the fact he explains everything you don’t even wonder if he’s lying. He has no reason to lie and is honest even when it hurts.

8. He knows when to apologize.

A lot of guy’s pride gets in the way of admitting when they are wrong. This guy’s pride is defined in owning up to a mistake and making it up to you.

9. He willing to make sacrifices for you.

If he can, he will and he does. He proves to you that you matter over and over again.

10. He takes things slow.

He won’t try and make any move you aren’t ready for. He knows the importance of waiting and has the patience to do so.

11. He surprises you.

He constantly makes you feel like you’re important through something other than words. He’s the one who isn’t afraid to plan things that make you feel like you matter.

12. He respects your parents.

More than respecting their daughter and treating her well, he shows respect to you caring about your parents too and asking questions about them.

13. He listens.

He wants to know about you. He wants to have those conversations. Not only that but he remembers what you say. And every time you see or talk to him, you just feel happier yourself. It’s every conversation ending with goodbye and not just the slow fade out.

14. He has a good heart.

He’s kind and has good intentions, treating people the way he’d like to be treated even if they don’t do the same. He knows how someone treats him is a reflection of them and not him.

And if asked by anyone they wouldn’t have a bad thing to say about him.

15. He meets you halfway.

You’ve never had to feel like you’re putting in more than you’re getting.

16. He has self-respect and confidence.

He’s not cocky and arrogant even if he could get away with it. He has confidence in who he is and what he does and how he treats people.

17. He works hard.

He doesn’t work just the 40 hour weeks, he’s constantly doing more. Even on days off he probably has a side project or something he’s doing to keep him busy and do more, make more and better himself.

18. He knows where he’s going and has goals.

He doesn’t just let life happen to him he controls it and has a plan of how to get there.

19. He supports your dreams.

Even if he’s the only one in your corner, he does actually believe you can do whatever you set your mind to. And he’s probably the reason you get there.

20. He takes risks.

He isn’t afraid to just go somewhere or do something. He isn’t afraid to change things up. What scares him more is being in the same place too long. And it’s this quality that will teach you to live a little.

21. He has good friends.

You can tell everything about him by who is associates with. He chooses quality people in his circle because that’s who will motivate him to be a better man.

22. He doesn’t bad mouth exes or discloses details.

Just as he respects you, he won’t disrespect them behind their back regardless of how things ended, you might not know but he won’t have a bad thing to say about them.

23. He doesn’t want to change you.

As different as you might be, that’s what he likes about you. He accepts all you are and has never once made you feel like you need to change who you are to appease him.

24. He challenges you to be better.

He makes you want to be a better version of yourself because that’s what he deserves in a person.

25.What people consider dating today actually annoys him.

While everyone seems to be playing this dating game he refuses to. Because in a world everyone’s trying to mess with each other’s heads, he’s just looking for someone like himself who isn’t.

26. He’s authentic.

He’s unlike anyone you’ve ever met and after meeting him no one else will seem to keep up.

27. He’ll be the one that makes you wonder why you ever settled in the past.

You think back to people in the past who don’t even touch him and there is s a confidence and joy and looking at someone who has finally given you what you deserved this whole time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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