12 Reasons Long-Distance Relationships Might Not Be Easier But They’re Worth It


It’s no secret distance relationships come with a lot of challenges. You won’t see the person you’re dating as often as your friends see their significant other. There are going to be things you go to alone. There’s going to be bad days where you don’t have arms to hold you when you fall apart but there will comfort in a simple phone call and their words. More than that there’s something to always look forward to and the anticipation of seeing them, that makes it worth it.

1. Love has to be there.

You go into this thing knowing it won’t be easy but you have faith that the love between the two of you will overcome the challenges you’re bound to face.

2. Being apart makes you appreciate being together more.

The time you do get together you both really value and it’s those moments together that remind you why you’re doing this thing. You miss them but it’s the type of missing someone that makes you whole because they miss you just as much.

3. Distance does make the heart grow fonder.

You find yourself loving them more and more each day even though you might not have seen them in while.

4. Sacrifices become the solid foundation your relationship is built on.

If it means driving five hours to see them for two, you make it happen. The willingness to sacrifice things for one another is what will keep the relationship alive.

5. As well as loyalty.

When you aren’t in the same zip code as the person you’re dating, you have to have blind faith they will be loyal to you. You have to not be the jealous or insecure type. If they wanted to cheat on you, they could but it’s knowing they won’t and not having that thought even cross your mind is what makes the strongest relationships.

6. And trust.

It’s you getting hit on when you’re out and removing yourself from the situation because you know you have something better waiting for you, even if they are far away. It’s trusting the person who has your heart that they realize the value in it and never make you question them.

7. And communication is key.

Texting. Snapchat. Facebook. Instagram. Facetime. It’s easier now more than ever to maintain a distance relationship IF you want to.

8. While they are a priority they aren’t your whole life.

Being apart you have a chance to create your own life that’s separate than your relationship. A lot of people lose themselves to relationships. But you have a lot of your own things going for you.

9. It’s a 50/50 thing.

If a distance relationship tips off the scale even remotely of giving and taking it will fail. To make it last, the other person has got to be willing to meet you halfway.

10.You continue to choose them every day.

It’s standing alone at a party missing them. It’s smiling when you say you’re taken. It’s going home alone every night and a simple text that says, ‘I had a good night but I missed you.’ Your heart continues to remind you, it only beats for one person.

11.The fights you do have are probably something that’s important.

When you don’t have much time together you don’t spend a lot of it fighting. And if there are fights it’s probably something important. You learn to overcome these things together. Every fight reminds you what it is you’re fighting for.

12. They are completely worth it.

They’re worth the hour drives, the layovers in airports, the going over your data on your cell phone. Because when you don’t have someone in front of you, you can take for granted like a lot of couples do, you value each other more than anyone.

And every once in while they’ll surprise you just showing up and you look at them and know they are the best thing that keeps happening to you every day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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