When Someone Asked Me What Love Was, I Realized It’s Always Been You


Someone once asked me what love was and in a desperate attempt to find words clearly articulating the meaning, all I could come up with was this…

I think love is finding someone who makes you better. Someone who motivates you to want to do more and amount to more. Someone who pushes you to become someone you didn’t think you could be.

I think love is looking at a person in a crowded room and seeing only them.

I think love is beauty. And not just beauty on the outside, it’s that too and someone being the best looking to you but the inner beauty too. Because it’s inner beauty and who someone is that made you fall in love in the first place.

I think love is looking at someone like they’re the best thing that has ever happened to you.

It’s in the gestures and kind words that affirm that this is real.

I think love are in the favors that don’t bother you and the time you make when you don’t have any.

It’s that smile across your face as you bring them up in conversation.

I think love is wanting to know everything about someone and never getting tired of learning more.

It’s missing someone before they even leave.

I think love is wanting someone to be happy and doing anything you possibly can to make them as happy, as they have made you.

It’s being what they need you to be even if it hurts sometimes.

I think love is about sacrifice and what one person is willing to do for another.

It’s silence when words do not do justice, that power of someone just being there when you need them.

I think love is discovering flaws and liking them even more for it.

It’s a before and after in you, as they’ve changed you for the better.

I think love is faith and one’s ability to rely on another, knowing they won’t let you down.

It’s wanting to stay with someone, even if there is something difficult you’re facing, together you face it head on.

I think love is a state of happiness much greater than anything you’ve ever known.

It’s the belief in someone else and the belief in things unseen that are merely a feeling.

I think love is a feeling of completeness.

It’s someone’s company being your favorite part of the day.

I think love are the conversations that make you smile.

It’s that person that makes you feel safe and secure.

I think love is waking up one day and that realization you can’t live without them.

It’s the person who makes you realize home isn’t a place you reside but rather where ever they are in the world.

So that’s what I think love is, more than all these feelings and more than just falling. I think love is all of these things hitting you at once, the moment you see that person smile. It’s the struggle to articulate what someone truly means to you and wanting only from the bottom of your heart their happiness whether you’re a part of it or not.

So to define what love is, I don’t know if I could. But the closest thing I’ve ever come up with is your name.
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