If You’re On The Fence About How You Feel About Her, Read This


You know how she feels. She makes it obvious every time you’re around her. With her, nothing is every complicated but so simple. There aren’t games and you know you could have her if you wanted at the snap of a finger.

I know all guys like the chase. They like someone who is a little challenging and keeps them on their toes guessing. They like someone who is a little out of reach and makes them work for their affection, time and attention.

But with her, she makes it easy. You know every text and snap will be answered. You know if you asked, the answer would always be yes. You have her read like a book you’ve memorized and to you, it’s no fun.

So you come in and out of her life as you please. And there are days you miss her a little bit, other days you’re just curious if she’ll still answer with the same enthusiasm she’s shown you from day one.

So you play the game. Texting but not answering. Likes just because. Opening things and simply putting down your phone because you can. It’s a game of give and take. You’re always on the taking end, making up rules as you please.

But one day she’s going to get tired of it. Because as simple and easy going as she might be, she’s no fool. As sure as she is about you and how she feels, she knows with certainty you aren’t as confident in her.

Even the best of people with the most genuine intentions get tired of waiting for what they deserve.

You like her when you’re bored but ignore her when you’re busy.

Thoughts play in your mind, ‘how little can I do and how much can I get away with and how far can I push her?’

You like knowing she cares regardless of how you treat her.

We all like immediate gratification and getting things quickly. (We all like freebies once in awhile.)

Yes, she may love you a little too easily and wear her heart on her sleeve but what you don’t see is how rare she is.

The thing is, she doesn’t see it either. Maybe she’s too focused on you and everyone else to realize how different she is.

But that day will come where she’s going to stop trying. Because one day she’ll be at a crossroads with you, where she realizes, ‘I gave my best and I have nothing more to give him.’

She’ll turn away regretfully because she really did care for you and just know it took everything in her to give up on you.

Girls like her don’t give up on people often. But when they do, that’s it.

There comes a point where you can’t keep caring for someone who doesn’t reciprocate it.

One day your name will appear and she won’t answer. Maybe you’ll cross paths and you’ll see the change in her. She won’t jump and her heart won’t race and she’ll look right through you.

It’ll be in that moment she is standing a foot in front of you, that you miss her most.

Because with her, she’ll gracefully exit your life with the same smile she had when she entered it. She’ll have no ill feelings towards you because she’ll walk away knowing she gave you her best and she’ll still respect you even though you couldn’t do the same.

So my advice to you, the same person who cares a little just not enough, if you haven’t lost her yet, I’d say take a chance on her. You have everything to lose here.

Girls like her come once or twice in a lifetime if you’re lucky. And maybe she wasn’t the most challenging, maybe her love wasn’t something you had to earn. But unconditional love is the kind that changes you.

The only thing you’ll regret more than not loving the right girl when you had the chance will be having played her like a game.

Because girls like her created the rules and it ends with her winning every time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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