Date The Guy Who Shows Up


It isn’t what he says he’ll do, it’s what he actually does.

Anyone can spit a good game and get you to fall for him but date the guy who will catch you.

Date the guy who will be there when you need him to be.

Date the guy whose word you can rely on with confidence.

Date the guy who says yes every time.

Date a guy who doesn’t keep you waiting ever. Whether it’s waiting on a text or at a place.

Date the guy who not only shows up but shows up early.

Date the guy who sends you flowers because he’s thinking of you and wants you to know that.

Date the guy whose compliments are real and come from a sincere place that you can feel it.

Date the guy who takes things slow because a real gentleman knows the importance of waiting.

Date the guy whose honesty makes you question anyone who ever lied to you and why you settled.

Date the guy who doesn’t look at vulnerability as weakness.

Date someone who holds you when you cry and wipes the tears he never caused.

Date the guy who learns about your past and doesn’t judge you for it.

The one whose touch heals you, as he runs his fingers over your scars.

Date the guy whose touch makes you tremble.

Date the guy who changes your standards completely.

That guy whose presence makes you feel a little more whole inside.

The guy who sees you the moment you walk into a room and you know, he only has eyes on you.

Date the guy who continues to prove you’re the only one for him.

Date the guy who will go out of his way for you whether it’s to see you or do you a favor without expecting anything in return.

Date the guy who’s happiness includes you.

The guy who realizes he’s the lucky one.

Date the guy who will do anything you ask him to or even better someone who does things without being asked.

Date the guy who holds your hand in public and wants to be seen having you by his side.

Date the guy who realizes value isn’t in the amount of money he makes but the quality of the woman next to him.

Date the guy who wants to be better for you.

The one who is willing to sacrifice things to keep you.

Date the guy who holds opens every door, the guy who pulls out your chair and pays, not because you’re incapable of doing it yourself but because he respects you.

Date the guy who insists on meeting your parents and respects them too.

Date the guy who introduces you to his friends and they already know a lot about you.

Date the guy whose love makes you a better version of yourself.

The guy who pushes you. Date the guy you want to be better for.

Date the guy who makes you forget you were ever hurt in the past.

Date the guy you can’t even imagine your life without.

The guy whose love heals.

Date the guy who includes you in his future and sees you in the big picture.

Date the guy you have fun with. The guy that can make you laugh until it hurts. The guy who makes you smile when you’ve had the worst day of your life.

Date the guy who makes you realize why it didn’t work out with anyone else.

But most of all, date a guy who shows the fuck up and not only doesn’t leave but can’t because he finally met you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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