25 Questions You Should Be Able To Answer Confidently By 25


1. Are you doing something you love?

Sometimes it takes people their entire lives to figure out what it is they love but the most important thing to remember, if you’re doing something you don’t love, have the courage to let go of that.

2. Are you comfortable being single?

At this point in time, you shouldn’t need someone. Realize that the only person you need is yourself and learn to really love who you are.

3. Do you have at least a little money saved?

Starting off is never easy. But the importance of saving money will help in the long run.

4. Are you taking responsibility for your actions?

Saying you aren’t where you want to be because of someone else shows immaturity. You should be a place in your life where every choice you’ve made so far has been one to benefit you.

5. Are you financially supporting yourself?

Everyone needs helps once in a while but it’s so important to learn to stand on your own two feet and learn the value of a dollar.

6. Have you stopped settling in relationships?

Relationships and dating aren’t easy today. We all date people and looking back wondering why? But you should be at a point where you walk away from anyone who isn’t enhancing your life especially a partner.

7. Are you associating with people who make you better?

It’s nice to have a history with friends but you’re at a point where you have to be selective with whom you associate with. If someone is not pushing you to the next level or helping you see what you can become, you shouldn’t waste time with those people because they will only drag you down.

8. Are you involved in a group or organization that gives you purpose?

Our lives are only as good as the people whose lives we make better. Find an organization. Find a club. Give back.

9. Do you have a list of goals to strive to works towards every day?

Going through the motions of life isn’t what it’s about. It’s about achieving something you didn’t think you could. It’s about waking up and working towards something. When someone asks you what your goals are you should have a response.

10. Are you comfortable with who you are?

The world of trying to impress people pretending to be something you aren’t is a thing in the past. Own the shit out of who you are and if people don’t like it, that’s their problem.

11. Have you gone on a trip that changed you or are you planning to?

Traveling is so important. It helps you to learn about yourself and the world around you. While it’s nice to have a bubble you’re comfortable in, nothing ever grew in a comfort zone.

12. Do you have a list of qualities you look for in a potential partner?

You shouldn’t just be dating because they are there. Date someone who is going to challenge you and make you better. Have an actual list you look at often and strive to find someone who meets it.

13. If you met them would you have the courage and confidence to pursue them?

There comes a point where you meet someone who is different than the rest and you have two choices shy away from that person and say you aren’t ready or realize their value and the value they can add to your life and go for it.

14. Do you walk away from situations or people that don’t add value to your life?

Drama. Negativity. Gossip. Lazy people. They will all drain you and make you lead a life that isn’t a good one. Step away from anything toxic.

15. Have you stopped causing drama in your life and or others?

Creating drama and associating with people who cause drama in their lives means there is some vital component missing. Those are things and people you don’t need in your life.

16. Do you have a good relationship with your parents?

The years of hating your parents as a teenager have morphed into an adult relationship that benefits you. As you grow up you begin to realize and respect all they sacrificed for you.

17. Have you forgiven yourself for your past?

To dwell in the past will make you depressed. To focus on mistakes will cause you to make more. Forgive yourself and move forward.

18. Have you fallen in love at least once?

Being able to define love is so important. Knowing the difference between lust and the real thing and respecting it, will help you to find that in your life. Knowing how important love, comes with maturity.

19. Have you stopped making up excuses in your life?

If you haven’t accomplished something, are you able to own up to it and say I didn’t accomplish this because I didn’t want it enough? That takes a strong person to admit such a thing. But you have two choices when you realize that.

20. Do you support a political party and understand why?

Everyone hates talking about politics. But do you understand each party? Can you have an intelligent conversation with someone if asked? Are you willing to listen to what someone else has to say even if you don’t agree? That is how you learn or do you read every headline and follow what is popular in the media? Make a point to be educated.

21. Do you have a career mentor and someone you look up to for guidance?

It isn’t enough to be self-motived. What is so important is finding someone who has done what you want to do and follow their example. Building relationships are what will lead you to a successful life.

22. Are you spending money responsibly?

You shouldn’t be blowing money just because you’re drunk. You shouldn’t be spending money you don’t have just because you want something. Racking in credit debt is no good. These things show you aren’t mature enough to have lots of money. Learn how to manage your income and live on a budget. Then work toward making more money.

23. Do you read books often that help you to improve yourself?

Reading is the most important thing you can do. Do it every day. Challenge your mind. Push yourself. Never stop learning.

24. Are you a little selfish?

It’s okay to be selfish now it the time to be. Don’t live your life for other people live for yourself.

25. Are you happy?

The answer should be yes. And if you aren’t, fix it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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