19 Signs You’re On The Right Track, Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like You Are

1. You’ve established a small group of friends:

You’ve finally realized who will always be there and learning that lesson came with losing a few friends but the people you associate with are those who enhance your life.

2. You’re learning to let go of the right things in your life:

Whether it’s negative people or poor habits or a job you hate, you’re making strides to do something that will put you towards your next goal.

3. You’ve stopped chasing people:

Whether it’s relationships or friends, you know with confidence the right people who want to be in your life will be.

4. You’re reading books that challenge you:

Learning doesn’t stop at a degree. While a lot of people don’t even remember the last book they read, you’re choosing books that will help you personally and in your career, because you want to know more.

5. You understand what’s going on in the world and in politics:

You make a point to keep yourself well informed. You don’t simply scroll through a news feed and believe every headline. You read things that challenge your own beliefs and help you further back up your views. At any point, if someone asks you about world conflicts or politics, it’s a conversation you can actually hold while adding value to it.

6. You’re spending your money responsibly:

That means credit card debt that doesn’t make you cringe which you pay off in full amounts. That means nights out where you’re putting budgets on your spending. You’re saving a bit of what you’re making and not touching it. Living paycheck to paycheck isn’t how you’re living your life.

7. You’re involved in an organization or charity that allows you to give back:

The key to success isn’t what you work for and what you acquire over time but rather the types of people you associate with and what you can learn from each other. True happiness is making someone else’s life better whether it’s giving back time or money.

8. You’ve learned to network:

It’s all about who you know. And the only way to get to know people who can help you is by helping them. You’ve learned to not be nervous walking into a room, where you don’t know someone. You know how to start a conversation without it being too awkward.

9. You want to do better:

You’re questioning your choices. You’re questioning your goals. You’re thinking about the future and making strides to get there. You know everything in your life is within your control so you control it.

10. You stopped blaming other people for your problems:

If there’s a problem you try and fix it. You don’t point fingers saying you aren’t where you want to be because of someone else. You’ve learned to take full responsibility of your life.

11. You aren’t getting drunk every weekend:

You aren’t blowing paychecks and being the drunkest person in the bar. You’re having a good time and knowing when it stops. While college was a great time, in a bubble full of fewer responsibilities, you know college is over and you aren’t looking to relive it.

12. You’re paying bills on time:

Checks aren’t bouncing, you aren’t paying late fees, everything you need to be doing, you’re doing. And while it hurts to see that much money come out sometimes, you know you’re working hard to get it back.

13. You splurge a little:

You’re doing well enough that you can go on trips. You’re proving you’re completely capable of taking care of yourself and you’re kicking ass.

14. You actually like your job:

While everyone would rather lay in bed sometimes, you don’t dread Mondays. You look forward to the challenges that are ahead of you this week.

15. You call your parents:

It used to be annoying having to check in with them but now you look forward to the conversations as your relationship with them has morphed as you’ve become and adult.

16. You aren’t just dating for sport:

You are waiting and choosing quality people because you know the value of your time and you don’t want to waste it. You’re looking at more than just looks. You’re looking for substance and someone who will add more to your life and push you to make you better.

17. You’ve found your passion:

Whether it’s a hobby or your career, what people look for in others is someone who is excited about life and the only way to be excited about life and get others amped up is to be a part of something you’re truly passionate about.

18. You’ve forgiven yourself:

We all make mistakes. We all do things we regret. But at the end of the day, you’re able to look at yourself and not fixate on it. You learn from it instead of beating yourself over it and you move on.

19. You’ve learned to love yourself:

You know who you are and you aren’t trying to be someone you aren’t, to be liked. In a society that tries to make us hate ourselves, you don’t listen. You’ve learned to drown out those negative voices and people. You know your worth and if someone isn’t seeing it, you know it’s a reflection of them and not you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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