If You Like Her Just Say Something

Jenny Woods
Jenny Woods

If you like her don’t just text her to see if she answers. She will, because she likes you too. She’s just waiting for you to do something about it.

If you like her don’t just send her a snap of something that reminds you of her. Pick up the phone and tell her, ‘I miss you. I’m thinking of you and here’s why.’

If you like her don’t just look at her Snapchat Story first or smile when she’s first to look at yours. She’s interested in you. She’s interested in what you’re doing and more than that she wants to be a part of it.

If you like her don’t just scroll through her newsfeed – get up and do something.

If you like her don’t just compliment her subtly – tell her you think she’s the most beautiful person you know.

If you like her don’t think you’re showing it simply by pushing like on Instagram because if she gaged everyone’s level of interest based on that, you’d have stiff competition. The truth is you don’t see her face light up the way it does when your name appears across her screen.

You don’t see her smiling when you walk away. You don’t feel her heart beat every time you step closer. You don’t hear the songs she listens to, that reminds her of you.

If you like her don’t just hug her when you see her because I know it’s crossed your mind to do something more. She wants you to just push her up against the wall and kiss her because she wants you and only you.

If you like her do something about it; take her out to dinner, not just for a cup of coffee.

If you like her say something – say something before someone else does because she can’t wait forever. She can’t keep hoping you feel the exact same way she does.

If you like her stop living in the past with regret of old relationships that might have gone wrong. Live for right now. Because she is now. If you want her in your future do something about it.

If you like her respect her and don’t keep lying to her every time you see her because that’s what hiding your feelings for her is. It’s a lie that’s breaking her heart every time she looks at you and wondering ‘why isn’t he saying anything?’ She’s analyzing everything in her mind countering the things she feels questioning all of it, ‘Well maybe it’s a one sided thing.’

If it’s not a one sided thing, do something about it.

The truth is it doesn’t matter who shows interest in her or who is blowing up her phone – she only wants it to be you.

You’re every thought that crosses her mind during a busy day. You’re everything to her.

And yes it will be complicated. It might be awkward admitting what’s there between both of your eyes. But you have to do it. Because on the other side of this thing you fear, could be the love you’ve been looking for this whole time or the love you didn’t even think you wanted could be right in front of you if you do something.

You don’t see her talk to her friends about you and if you did you’d hear how much she adores you, how much she wishes you’d do something.

She’s as scared as you are. But she likes you, she’s just waiting for you to give her a sign that shows it.

So if you like her tell her. Tell her before someone else says everything she wished you had. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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