This Is What A Morning Text Really Means

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Good Morning Beautiful

It’s really simple. It’s a few words.

But more than words it’s letting someone know, ‘you’re the first person I want to talk to today.’

It’s letting someone know, ‘I want to be the first thing you see when you’re eyes open, if I can’t be there for it.’

It’s letting someone know, ‘You’re the first person I thought of before my eyes opened. So I texted you.’

It’s letting someone know, ‘Even though I’m not there, I wish I was.’

It’s a genuine compliment that makes her blush and smile even though you can’t see it.

It’s the thing she looks forward to as her eyes shut and you were the last thing she thought of.

It’s letting someone know, ‘I want your day to start off good even if it doesn’t stay that way.’

So it’s more than a good morning text.

It you showing them through a simplistic action, ‘you matter to me.’

It’s easy to get caught up in our lives. It’s easy to begin our days and put even the people we care about on the back burner.

But a morning text is a little bit of effort. Not much but a little bit that means so much.

It’s simply someone making the choice.

Because as much as love and like is a combination of fate and risk… more than anything, it’s a decision. It’s a single choice.

A morning text is showing her, ‘I choose you.’ Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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