11 People Share The Small Thing Their Partner Does That They Secretly Adore

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1. “She sticks her tongue between her teeth when she’s thinking/working/reading. I’ve never pointed it out to her. It’s like my favorite quirk about her and I never want her to get self-conscious about it.”

–Joshua, 28

2. “He has this sort of ‘character’ he does with our two boys and half the time I’m in the other room and I don’t even think he knows I can hear him. But my sons always beg for it and he does it and I swear it’s like my heart explodes every time, especially when the boys can’t stop giggling.”

–Alicia, 36

3. “He’ll make comments when we’re watching old sitcoms as if he’s there and part of the group. Like someone will make a joke and he’ll say ‘that was a good one’ or he’ll be like ‘classic George.’ It’s so bizarre but I also have grown to love it (and miss it if I’m watching a show without him).”

–Carrie, 29

4. “When she kisses me on the forehead when she wakes up, when she gets out of the shower, and when she leaves for work. Gross and cheesy I know but I love it.”

–Peter, 27

5. “She always asks cashiers how they’re doing before they ask her and she’s not just being polite – she’ll listen and ask questions and stuff.”

–Markus, 34

6. “I really like to cook, so I usually take on that job willingly. And he always, always cleans up everything and pours my wine and keeps me company the whole time that I cook. It’s not something I’ve ever asked him to do, he’s just super tentative and appreciative and I just love that so much about him.”

–Michele, 32

7. “I am not a morning person and every time our alarm goes off in the morning I say ‘why do we have to get up?’ and he has started giving me the funniest, weirdest reasons why and it always makes me wake up laughing, no matter how stupid the reason is.”

–Catherine, 29

8. “She calls me ‘kid’ when I’m whining about something and she has to give me a pep talk. Like, ‘that sucks, kid.’ It’s so goofy but she always gets me to smile even when I really don’t want to and I just want to be whiney and have a pity party. And that pulls me out of it without making me feel bad.”

–Douglas, 26

9. “He leaves a hot tea on the nightstand for me every morning. And each day has a different type of tea and it’s become this wonderful routine that is so comforting to me and just makes me feel really loved. I don’t think he has any any how much I love it.”

–Kathleen, 33

10. “One time when she got home from work she high-fived me before kissing me and I laughed so hard that she does it pretty frequently now. It’s like a bizarre, weird, comforting part of our daily routine.”

–Travis, 35

11. “He always sends a physical, handwritten birthday card to everyone close in his life. It’s so sweet and endearing I can barely even handle it.”

–Kristina, 31 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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