18 Silly Little Everyday Signs That Actually Mean You’ve Found Your ‘Forever’ Person

India Tupy


Anytime something weird or awkward happens in a social setting, you can always count on them making eye contact with you.


They can make you laugh without even saying anything.


They have an incredible talent for annoying you without actually truly annoying you.            


It never surprises you when they take care of the little things for you, like doing the laundry or going grocery shopping – but it still makes you feel loved.


You can share your most bizarre, absurd, and impulsive thoughts with them and they’ll never find you weird – they’ll just think it’s funny.


Being around them never exhausts you – it only recharges you, even if you guys just hang out in the same room and don’t talk.


But you also have no problem telling them when you need alone time, without ever having to worry about hurting any delicate feelings.


They’re so good at making you laugh at yourself, without ever making you feel like they’re actually making fun of you or mocking you.


You hear yourself sharing useless and uninteresting pieces of information about them with other people – but you can’t help yourself. Everything they do is funny and fascinating and interesting to you.


They’re your go-to for everything: venting about something or someone, needing to be cheered up, getting their honest advice, depending on them during a bad hangover, having company when you want to order takeout at midnight. Whatever it is, they’re always your faithful accomplice.


They might not have the most traditional pet names for you, like sweetie or hunny, but you prefer it that way – because whatever goofy name they come up with for you always makes you smile.


You find yourselves picking up each other’s weird habits, and every time one of you catches the other one doing so, you’re instantly smug about it.


When you say you’re “fine,” they can tell within seconds if you’re actually fine or if you’re the opposite of fine.


You can entertain each other for hours, even if you’re stuck on a long and boring road trip or you’re just spending a Saturday afternoon being lazy on the couch.


You whine when they give you tough love advice and tell you what you need to hear instead of what you want to hear, but secretly, you’re always grateful that they care enough about you to be honest.


One of your favorite things in the world is when you’re irritated with them, and then they try to make you laugh and you can’t hold your serious ‘angry’ face for more than a few seconds before you break.


And you love it even more if you’re the one making them laugh when they’re annoyed with you.


You really feel most attractive around them when you’re in your most comfortable clothes – because being around them is the epitome of being comfortable and happy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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