Here’s What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are (In 5 Words), Based On Your Zodiac ‘Cusp’ Sign

Aries-Taurus (4/16-4/22)

Bold, loyal, and unapologetically yourself.

Taurus-Gemini (5/17-5/23)

Unafraid to jump right in.

Gemini-Cancer (6/17-6/23)

Lighthearted energy, with deep connections.

Cancer-Leo (7/19-7/25)

A zero-to-100 heart.

Leo-Virgo (8/19-8/25)

Stubbornly independent, but also passionate.

Virgo-Libra (9/19-9/25)

Contagiously charming, but somewhat jaded.

Libra-Scorpio (10/19-10/25)

Unafraid of your own feelings.

Scorpio-Sagittarius (11/18-11/24)

You prioritize freedom and independence.

Sagittarius-Capricorn (12/18-12/24)

You’re romantic, but also practical.

Capricorn-Aquarius (1/16-1/22)

You dread not having control.

Aquarius-Pisces (2/15-2/21)

You’re offbeat, but charmingly unpredictable.

Pisces-Aries (3/17-3/23)

Daydreamy, but also incredibly impulsive. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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