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Here’s What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect From The Full Moon In Gemini

The Full Moon in Gemini will be on November 30, 2020, and we will feel it’s effects for the next two weeks. This is part of the new eclipse cycles in Gemini and Sagittarius that began in the summer. With this transit in Mutable Gemini, we can expect a lot of things relating to communication and pursuit of learning new things. On June 5, 2020, we experienced the Full Moon eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius ,and now in Gemini, we see similar themes popping up again. Eclipses are powerful periods of time, since they begin like a gateway to a new path or the close of a cycle. The Venus Retrograde posed a lot of challenges for the mutable signs, and this eclipse will highlight some of those topics as they are resurrected for some of us. If you did not know how to navigate through what you faced earlier in the year, you will now understand and learn from it. Our willingness to seek answers and make changes will allow us to discover ourselves, which will be essential as we close in towards the end of this year.


This Full Moon will bring you closer to those important people that have a great impact in your life. It is a time of reflection and growth. This is also a period of inspiration, so if you have been setting your sights on changing your mindset to flow with more positivity or learning more about a topic, you can always begin today.


With this transit, you are going to initiate a period of being more diligent with your finances. Uranus is currently in your sign, so many Taurus folks are feeling the anxiousness that planet of disruption brings. Remember to keep your head up and start to change your outlook on things. You are attracting energy towards you, so make it a priority to not doubt or pity yourself. This Gemini Full Moon wants you to feel vibrant and to appreciate your multi-talented side.


This is a big moment in time, as this is the start of eclipses in your sign. You have experienced an array of challenges and changes during this year. It began with Venus retrograding in your sign, and the topics from then are now being closed with this Full Moon transit in your sign. Focus on finding your own power and to reflect; learn that you can change habits.


There will be a moment to catch your breath with this Full Moon in Gemini. Use this time as a point of contemplation as we await the Full Moon in your sign next month. This transit is a reminder to Cardinal signs to take things easier and to bring a little more self-care and discipline into your lives. A lot of changes will happen next month, so recharge those batteries.


Reflecting on what you are capable of will be key during this transit. You might have been filled with a lot of ambitious pursuits at the beginning of the year but may have felt “blockages” during the Saturn in Aquarius transit and the Venus Retrograde. This Lunar Eclipse will show you how to navigate through the challenging moments since you are now equipped with insight and knowledge. It is a combination of patience and confidence that will allow you to be successful.


Focusing on where you are now and how to get to where you dream of will be the focus of this Full Moon transit. You have been put to the test this year, and during the Venus Retrograde, you might have experienced a favorable time for career and educational pursuits or challenges. The lessons you learned then will be of great use now. This eclipse highlights the changes must be made for growth and stability to achieve greater successes for the next year.


This could be a period of bravery in your ideals and philosophies. You could also be more open to learning about things you were apprehensive about before. With Mars direct, you have experienced an abundance of energy to keep being the go-getter you are. Patiently, you will plan and analyze the steps needed to take to reach that next level you have been eying. This Full Moon gives you insight and will bring a sense of optimism you have been craving for a while.


An eclipse in this sign shows that you are going to deal once more with the darker sides from earlier this year. Topics from the Venus Retrograde might pop back into your mind, as you begin to close out chapters and settle unsettled business. This Full Moon will be a mirror to the past and will give you the guidance to deal with the lessons to move forward. You will regain more strength and control after this transit.


Eclipse season will have a huge impact on your relationships, beginning now. Some of those themes from the Venus Retrograde will start to reappear as you begin to process the closing of chapters. Understanding who you are and the path you are willing to embark on, will be huge topics on your mind. Appreciate this new cycle, because you are going to benefit from all the transformations and the growth and learning that comes with this transit.


We were so used to having eclipses in your sign for the last couple of years that you are probably going to be joyful with this new shift. It is the start of many things as you feel the pressure you have felt in the last two years being alleviated. There will be a lot of focus on your routines and the obstacles you face daily. Just remember to take things easy, prioritize yourself, keep in mind your limits, and relax as we close into your birthday season.


This transit will feel a little lighthearted for you as you evaluate relationships and your own ambitions for the future. You can either witness a change within your social circles and the dynamic you have with others. Romantic relationships could begin or end as you begin to put your needs first. You are preparing for a period of independence, so if you are not feeling as close to people you were once friendly with, this is all just part of the process.


There will be a focus on the home with this Full Moon transit. Given that it is around the holiday season, it will make you more appreciative of the people around you. This is also a moment where you will be inspired to learn and grow spiritually. The Venus Retrograde was tough on many mutable signs, but your understanding then has made you stronger now. Go with the flow this eclipse season and make some changes in your immediate environment that will bring you hope and joy.

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