50 Of The Happiest Feelings To Remember On A Bad Day


1. Taking a nap during a rainstorm.

2. Waking up to a clean kitchen.

3. Receiving funny Snapchats from your best friends when they know you’re having a rough time.

4. Watching loved ones reunite in an airport.

5. Laughing so hard that you almost (or do) pee yourself.

6. Listening to your favorite new song over and over again.

7. Rereading your favorite book.

8. Looking at your phone and realizing you still have two hours before your alarm goes off.

9. Wearing a new outfit for the first time and feeling really good about yourself.

10. Leaving work with an empty inbox.

11. Watching videos of dogs greeting their owners after a long separation.

12. Having an unstoppable laughing fit during church, an award ceremony, or any other situation where you’re supposed to be quiet and serious.

13. When you’re thinking about someone you miss and they call you or text you that same day.

14. Tearing up while watching something emotional happen between people you don’t even personally know.

15. Listening to thunder when you’re under the covers.

16. Looking through old birthday cards.

17. When you’re the perfect amount of drunk with your friends.

18. Opening your fridge after going grocery shopping.

19. Laying awake with a significant other while it feels like the rest of the world is asleep.

20. Accomplishing something after wanting it and going after it for a very long time.

21. When the wait for your table is supposedly an hour and then you get seated ten minutes later.

22. Going to bed knowing that you checked off everything on your to-do list today.

23. Getting a good seat on your commute home from work, or driving home with no traffic.

24. Hearing “I love you” from someone you really care about.

25. The first time you hang out with someone who you can just tell is going to become one of your very close friends.

26. Arriving to a place six minutes earlier than your GPS said you would.

27. Waking up without a hangover after a night of drinking.

28. Having a weekend day with literally nothing on your schedule.

29. Going to a movie that you’ve been looking forward to seeing for months.

30. Returning home while someone’s in the middle of cooking a delicious meal.

31. Putting on warm, dry socks after being out in the rain.

32. Going out to dinner with people who you have truly genuine and enjoyable conversations with.

33. Fresh-smelling laundry.

34. When work is dragging and you remember that a show you’ve been looking forward to all week or month is on tonight.

35. Somebody actually having ibuprofen on them when you ask if anybody has ibuprofen on them.

36. When your flight is on time.

37. Finding a sock’s missing pair after several weeks of looking.

38. Getting inside right before it starts pouring rain.

39. The first evening after Daylight Saving Time in the spring.

40. When your friends all send you really funny texts, emails, Snapchats, and Facebook posts on your birthday.

41. The strangely nostalgic smell of wet, hot pavement in the summer.

42. When you ask your friend to go to a spur-of-the-moment happy hour and they’re actually free.

43. The day after Valentine’s Day when all the candy is half-off.

44. Taking a long lunch on a draining workday.

45. The first scoop of ice cream from a brand new carton.

46. Doing meal prep for the week and knowing you won’t have to think about dinner for the next five to seven days.

47. Getting an unexpected pat on the back from your boss.

48. Having a small talk conversation with someone that touches on something other than your work life or love life.

49. Putting on flannel pajamas after a long day.

50. When someone reminds you that, no matter what, you’re never alone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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