30 Things You Should ALWAYS Say Yes To

Saying “yes” can be really intimidating, like you’re changing your entire life in one word. But it can also open up your eyes to new experiences, teaching you how to be comfortable with new possibilities and, more importantly, yourself. Here are 30 things you should ALWAYS say yes to in order to live a happier, more exciting life.

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1. Buying that book that’s been on your “to read” list for the last two years.

2. Meeting your best friend for some late-night drive-thru.

3. Going to a wedding even if you don’t know anyone else there.

4. Agreeing to happy hour with that coworker you don’t know very well.

5. Starting a healthier diet, even if you do it slowly with one small change at a time.

6. Seeing movies in theater once in a while.

7. Spending a relaxing night in when you know you really need it, even when your friends are pressuring you to go out.

8. Accepting the help an employee offers you in that store you’re unfamiliar with.

9. Taking a night away from technology to relax on the porch, eat a nice meal, start a good book, or do anything else that will give your eyes some time away from screens.

10. Sending hand-written cards to people you care about.

11. Cleaning out your closet, and getting rid of all the needless clutter in your bedroom.

12. Making time to catch up with your long distance best friend on Skype. Or better yet, splurging on a plane ticket to go visit them.

13. Taking a real lunch break in which you actually leave the office, sit down at a table, and give yourself 30 or 45 minutes of peace in which you’re doing zero work.

14. Indulging your parents by participating in cheesy family photos, even when you think you look terrible.

15. Taking an unplanned day off when you really need a break.

16. Baking homemade cookies every once in a while, instead of buying them at the store.

17. Ordering pizza on a night when you really, really want pizza.

18. Taking a nap on a rainy afternoon.

19. Going to your friend’s art show or musical performance or marathon or any other cool thing that you can support them doing.

20. Going sledding after a heavy snowfall, regardless of how old you are.

21. Buying flowers on a whim at the grocery store.

22. Watching a lighthearted show when you need to be cheered up.

23. Going on a hike, even if you’re not sure that’s your “thing.”

24. Listening to a genre of music that you normally don’t listen to, because you never know what you might find.

25. Keeping an open mind about, and learning from, constructive criticism.

26. Trying that activity you’ve always wanted to try – cooking, playing guitar, gardening, blogging, calligraphy.

27. Accepting help when you know you need it, from friends or family or your coworker or a therapist or your significant other or anyone else in the world that you trust and that you know will do anything they can to help you.

28. Tasting a foreign cuisine or wine that you’ve never had before.

29. Wearing the comfortable shoes instead of the painful ones.

30. Adventure, whatever that means to you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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