7 Of The Best Parts Of Always Having A “Why Not?” Attitude

Life becomes a lot more exciting (and a lot less complicated) when you learn to let go of your airtight plans and roll with the punches once in a while. Some of the most exciting things happen when you learn how to become comfortable with discomfort, and avoid trying to stick to a strict schedule. To remind you of the benefits of living a carefree and happy life, we bring you the seven best parts of maintaining a “why not” attitude in your everyday experiences.

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1. Why not? brings out all sorts of opportunities and experiences that negativity, insecurity, and fear of failure would have otherwise squashed. The risk of disappointment is still there, but it helps you get into a mindset of ‘I might as well try this’ as opposed to ‘This could only end in disaster.’ You can focus on enjoying the moment as opposed to obsessing over the results. Over time, you learn how to make the uncomfortable comfortable.

2. It will add more spontaneity to your life. Why not drive to South Carolina this weekend to visit your college roommate? Why not decide to go out at 11 o’clock at night? Why not get last minute tickets to a concert? Maintaining an attitude like this helps you to think less and to live more.

3. You can transport yourself to the mental state that you truly want to be in. Sometimes, on rainy days or freezing cold winter mornings, all you want to do is stay inside and hide from the world, and you convince yourself that you would do something if it were nice outside. But a why not? attitude allows you to live your life every day as if you were waking up to a bright sun and warm sand. Instead of making excuses and turning things down, you figure out ways to enjoy life, regardless of your circumstances. No keeps you in bed. But why not? reminds you to experience life.

4. It will lead you to some of the most interesting people you’ve ever met. Some will become dear friends. Others will be once-in-a-lifetime encounters. But either way, a why not? attitude opens your world up to fascinating people you wouldn’t have interacted with otherwise.

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5. It allows you to wake up every day without feeling like everything’s already been planned out and decided for you. Work and responsibilities can be monotonous at times, which is part of adulthood, but maintaining a positive, curious outlook about life can keep you from becoming complacent and reluctant to try new things. Your eyes are always wide open to new possibilities, instead of staring pointedly at the ground and missing everything that’s going on around you.

6. You can find joy and adventure in even the most mundane of circumstances. A boring network event or a long night at the office is not just another tedious experience for you. Instead, it’s an opportunity to make a new connection, or try out some new wine, or get to know the coworker who sits on the opposite side of the office from you–the one whose name you don’t even know. Life becomes exciting to you not because you’re always placed in exciting circumstances, but because you’ve learned how to find joy in ordinary things.

7. You become comfortable with being uncomfortable. You’re simply happy just being in the moment and enjoying the beauty of your life around you, instead of constantly worrying about money, power, or success. You stop walking on eggshells and instead learn how to adapt to whatever comes your way and how to live the fullest life you could live without being held back by fear or discomfort. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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