17 E-Cards That Perfectly Sum Up Your Feelings About Your Job

The perfection that is Someecards understands perfectly what it’s like to be stuck at a job that is just the worst.

1. The exhaustion of having to pretend that you actually do stuff at work.

2. The morbid thought that you occasionally find to be oddly comforting.

3. Thanking the universe every single day for that one coworker who hates this job as much as you do. 

4. The devastatingly low amount of sick days that you have. 

5. Hating everybody around you, all the time.

6. The pooping dilemma.

7. The epitome of working for the weekend. 

8. The “peace out, bitches” speech you dream of giving every single day.

9. The never-ending dread.

10. The thing we’ve all said to our equally miserable friend on Gchat. 

11. That one coworker who’s painfully cheerful on Monday.

12. When your computer is the worst. 

13. The joy of writing passive-aggressive emails. 

14. The Freshman 15 has nothing on this. 

15. The thing we’ve all experienced, especially the first year out of school.

16. Because, the economy and shit.

17. The plan you start developing at happy hour the night before. 

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