15 Reasons Why Your Little Sister Has Become One Of Your Closest Friends

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Flickr / white_ribbons

1. She used to just be the adorable little five-year-old who gave great hugs and knew how to cheer you up. But now, she’s somehow become one of the wisest people you know, full of wisdom and intelligence and sound advice.

2. She has an uncanny ability to know you’re upset the instant she sees you or talks to you on the phone. You literally say “hey” and she’s immediately asking you what’s wrong and trying to make you feel better.

3. You always know she’ll be on your side, regardless of what happened or what situation you’re in. Even if you messed up or did something stupid, she’ll stay loyal to you and remind you that everybody screws up.

4. But at the same time, she’s not afraid to be honest with you and tell you when she thinks you need to apologize or fix any messes you’ve made.

5. She brings out a silliness within you that rarely comes out when you’re around other people. Even if you’re typically a very outgoing and funny person anyway, being with your little sister inspires a childlike goofiness within you that makes you feel light and carefree and weightless.

6. She knows practically everything about you, especially some of the worst things, but never makes you feel uncomfortable about being open with her. You’re never fretting about being too much of a burden on her or about sharing too much, because you trust her in a different way than you trust even your closest friends.

7. She loves you enough to tell you when you’ve started dressing too much like a grandma. Or an attention-starved tween. Or anything else in-between that’s unflattering to your current situation.

8. Without her, you have no idea who you would quote She’s the Man or The Lizzie McGuire Movie with. You don’t have to worry about having exquisite cinematic taste around her. She’d rather just microwave a bag of popcorn and sit on the couch with you, watching ridiculously stupid movies that make the two of you laugh like idiots.

9. There is nobody better to go on vacation with. You can sit on the beach with her for hours, or lay in bed all day when it’s raining and be completely worthless together. You never feel like you have to put in too much energy or do anything you don’t want to do, because being with your little sis makes you feel completely relaxed and at ease.

10. She keeps you from becoming a boring, old person too quickly. The only reason you know what the most popular songs are right now is because of her. She was the one who told you that Zayn was leaving One Direction. She was the first person you contacted when you heard the word “bae” and didn’t understand… why it was a thing. Without her, you would know nothing.

11. She reminds you that maybe you’re a little more nurturing and motherly than you initially thought. She brings out a fierce protective instinct in you that you might have otherwise been worried you didn’t have.

12. She loves reminding you of how far you’ve come. When she’s asking you for advice on how to deal with rocky friendships or career goals or issues with her love life, she makes you feel like your opinion is worthwhile and that the things you have been through have given you some life experience that she desperately wants.

13. At the same time though, she is always able to make you laugh about the fact that your life is still sometimes a shit show. She knows you don’t have it all together, but she still encourages you and helps you to not take life too seriously. Sometimes, it’s okay to not know exactly where you’re going or what you’re doing. And she’s the first person to tell you to remember that.

14. You’re never “on a diet” around your sister. When the two of you get together, there’s no such thing as respectable, responsible eating. Instead, the two of you get together and are capable of finishing off an entire cake in one sitting if you really want to. No guilt included.

15. Having her by your side feels like having a best friend, counselor, and lifelong fan all at once. She’s there at the drop of a hat whenever you need her and she’s also just ready to hang out with you and goof around day or night. But she also makes you feel like you’ve got someone rooting for you and looking up to you – she makes you want to become the best person you can be so that you can be the older sister that she deserves. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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