22 Things To Say To Yourself Every Morning When You Wake Up

There’s enough negativity going on in the world right now. You’re going to be hit in the face with it the instant you check your phone when you wake up, and it’s hard to go about your day with a positive attitude if you’ve only thought about bad things since the moment you opened your eyes. I’m not saying you should ignore what’s going on in the world. I’m just saying that sometimes it’s necessary to start your day out with some simple, happy thoughts. So here are 22 things to say to yourself that will help you start the day off right.

1. Today is a new day, with infinite possibilities. 

2. This day will never, ever happen the same way again. So why not try something new?

3. The best thing about not being asleep right now is that I can eat all of the things. 

4. No one else has ever lived my exact life before. My story is unique, and so am I. 

5. I’m so fancy. (But pronounce “fancy” in your head as “faaahnsaay.” Obviously.) 

6. In 17 hours I can go back to sleep. 

7. Today I’m going to smile at a stranger and see if they smile back. 

8. I’m so lucky to be alive and breathing and seeing and feeling and observing and literally can’t-ing. 

9. I have the opportunity to make this day as successful or as pointless as I’d like. 

10. If I was Kris Jenner’s daughter she’d like me more than Khloe but less than Kim. 

11. There is evil in the world, but most people are fighting for the greater good, and that’s what I’m going to pay attention to today. 

12. My character and my choices will always be more important than my looks. 

13. I’m gonna make this day my bitch. 

14. I have hours and hours of time to do those things that I couldn’t get to yesterday. 

15. The sun rose again today. So this day has already started off on the right foot. 


17. I have so much more power than I give myself credit for, and today I’m going to use it. 

18. Today I get to go outside and breathe fresh air, and there is nothing more lovely or more pleasant. 

19. If I get sad at any point today, I can watch YouTube videos of people falling. 

20. I have access to so much knowledge right at my fingertips, and that can never be undervalued. 

21. I am capable of making an impact. It doesn’t matter how small it is. Everything starts with one step.

22. I am awesome. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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