Here’s To Anyone Who’s Broken Hearted

This is for the broken-hearted.

For those of you who have a heart that is broken. For anyone who is in a great deal of ache.

Here’s to the people who feel a tightness in their chest and a void in their hearts. For anyone how has ever known the pain and agony of heartbreak.

This is for those who can’t think, who can’t eat, and who can’t sleep.

Here’s to loving someone who doesn’t love you back; the most raw and painful aspect of heartbreak. This is for enduring one of the worst types of pains; the worst type of hurt one can know. Here’s to putting the needs of someone else above your own, even when they don’t deserve it.

This piece is for anyone who fights too hard for someone who isn’t worthy of their love. To the people who care for someone who doesn’t deserve or cannot handle their passion.

This one is for those who know how it feels to have their beating heart ripped out of their chest. For anyone how has held that same bleeding heart in their bare hands.

Here’s to finding yourself within the midst of devastation. Fighting like hell to stay alive, while picking up your broken piece and gluing them back together.

This is for the people who find comfort in the words of others. Who allow the simple combination of different letters to bring them the refuge they seek.

This, right here, is for anyone who has found themselves slowly turning bitter and jaded. Who have blocked out love, in terror of getting hurt again.

Here’s to being flawed, to being imperfect, and to being damaged.

Here’s to being human.

But mostly, this is amending you on your accomplishments of not allowing any of the above to stand in your way.

This is for those who have risen above this misery and pulled themselves up from the deeps of the ocean.

These words are for those who have found the courage and strength to love and trust again. To conquering your fear of being alone and putting yourself out there, even after countless rejections.

Here’s to never allowing another to put a value on your worth. To the people who never permit another human being to regulate their happiness. Who control their own emotions and feelings.

This is for anyone who has tried and failed, then tried again. For the people will never allow evil to evade. This is for those who never let bad to overcome the good.

Cheers to the individuals who have found the strength to put themselves before toxic people. Who have found courage in setting themselves free from the destruction of another being.

For the people who have struggled to stay above water, and somewhere along the way, learned to enjoy the waves of the sea. This is for you, because you didn’t allow another to drown you, and have always succeeded to stay afloat.

But mostly here’s to you, lovely. For you are not as damaged as you feel. You are not as destroyed as another has tried to force you to become.

Here’s to trying to the best of your abilities. Here’s to believing in you. Here’s to not allowing the word “broken” to define you. Here’s to being one of the strongest people you know. Here’s to rising above the pain and finding happiness once again.

Here is to finally healing and recovering. To no longer being broken-hearted. To no longer feeling broken beyond repair.

Here’s to never losing yourself to another.

Here’s to loving again.

Here’s to loving yourself again.

This is all for you, because, my goodness, am I proud of you.

I am proud of you.

I am so proud of you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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Kiana Azizian

Graduate of University of Oregon. Professional wandered and avid coffee drinker.

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