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Stay Single Until You Find The Goodest Boy

Stay single until you find a boy who always comes back after he has to run after something else. Like a stick, or a tennis ball. Or a ball that you pretended to throw but then tricked him but he’ll still forgive you.

Stay single until you find a boy who never lets you sleep alone. Who might push you with his little feet and slobber on your pillow, but always wants to be close to you. Even when you get him his own bed, he’d always pick sleeping beside you—no questions asked.

Stay single until you find a boy who always reminds you when it’s time to move. Who makes you walk outside, every day. Who sometimes will see a squirrel or just thinks he sees a squirrel and then you have to run after him to make sure he doesn’t get lost. Who forces you out of bed, even when it’s raining, and even though it might annoy you you can’t help but smile at how happy just being outside makes him.

Stay single until you find a boy who’s excited about the little things. Like the sound of plastic opening, doorbells, dogs barking at the house next door. Who reminds you what it’s like to be excited about just being alive. Who hears words like “park” and “walk” and “want to????” and spins in literal circles

Stay single until you find a boy who will protect you at all costs. From anything and every danger, even the ones that actually pose no threat…like the wind or a noise he hears in the hallway. He’s the one who makes you feel safe, because you know if your neighbor’s cat dares to come near you it’s on.

Stay single until you find a boy who never wants you to leave and can’t contain his enthusiasm when you come home.
Who gives you the saddest, most guilt-inducing look when you go anywhere without him, but forgives you and greets you with so much happiness the second he hears your key in the lock. Who just wants to be by your side at all times, and waits patiently and attentively when he can’t be with you for the minute when you can be again.

Stay single until you find a boy who is thrilled about everything life has to offer. New smells, new places, car rides. He’s the boy who finds every little experience completely amazing and even when they’re tiny or what most people would think is insignificant (like getting to eat some cheese for a change or even just hearing the word “treat”). His happiness is infectious and it will always make you smile.

Stay single until you find a boy who never makes you feel guilty for your mistakes. Who forgives you when you yell or when you’re gone for a long time during the day. Who doesn’t hold grudges and is the definition of unconditional love.

Stay single until you find a boy who makes you understand what it’s like to love something, someone, so much, he forgives you for literally anything because he’s the best, goodest boy in the world.

Until then. Stay single.

Actually just stay single and get a dog. Because that’s the only love you’re ever going to need. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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