Too Faced Is Making A Hangover Spray And If They Don’t Sell It At Sephora I Will Burn My VIB Card

Hi, I’m Kendra. (Hi, Kendra.) And I’m a beauty addict.

I don’t know exactly when my makeup obsession started but buying makeup give me a high like no other. I love wandering the aisles of Sephora with my earbuds in, debating whether or not to stick to a matte formula or if I want to give lip glosses another chance. When I’m feeling depressed, shopping for makeup is my go to. I could not tell you what exactly it is about makeup and beauty in general, but something about palettes and eyelash curlers and new skincare that promises a revolutionary difference to my face makes me (almost…I’m a realist) happier than happy hour.

If you’re a beauty addict like me, Too Faced is probably already a v v familiar face to you.

Jerrod Blandino, the Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer of the beauty company has teased the hangover spray (to pair with their already iconic hangover face primer) on his personal Instagram account before, and my heart stopped. But NOW it’s been announced that the spray will be out in just a couple months as a part of their June 2017 line.

A blend of coconut water and probiotics work to hydrate your skin and retain a bright, dewy look even when you feel like you’ve peeled yourself out of the bottom of a wine bottle. The mist will help you appear like you have your life together, even when you’re questioning every decision after a particularly ~crazy~ night out.

As a noted beauty and alcohol enthusiast, I simply cannot wait for this to become my new best friend.

Frankly, it makes me feel like this.


I will see you fellow VIB-ers in Sephora and online in June. If the hangover setting spray isn’t there, trust that I’ll be the one leading the revolt. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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