Here's Exactly What You're Like In Bed Based On Your Birth Order

Here’s Exactly What You’re Like In Bed Based On Your Birth Order

First Born

An oldest knows exactly what they want and isn’t afraid to ask for it. In fact, they will likely not really ask, but instead will simply show. First borns are confident, inclined to lead, and definitely aren’t going to have a problem being the one who says, “Let’s give this a shot.” Don’t be surprised if a first born kisses you whenever they feel like it, and has no problem giving you suggestions between the sheets. An oldest child likes all of the classic control freak moves. Being on top, hair pulling, telling you to put a pillow under your hips – all in an oldest child’s back pocket. If you want to get and oldest excited, ask what they want to do to you and then sit back while all of the answers roll in.

Somewhere In The Middle

Nothing makes a middle child happier than seeing how excited their partner is to be with them. Middle children get the most turned on by turning people on themselves. They’ll likely make sure you cum first, you’re satisfied, you’re having a good time – because that’s going to make it even better for them as well. Middle children also love praise and attention and compliments. So they want to hear that what they’re doing feels good, that you love what they’re doing, when you’re close. All of those are like sex-crack to a middle child and will just make them come back for more and more and more.


Youngest children are without question the most fun in bed. Excitable, effervescent, and up for anything, the only thing that’s not a riot of a time with a youngest child is the notion that you have to keep up with them. They’re the people who are seemingly ready to rock again mere minutes after climaxing, and if they’re not coming around for seconds they’re for sure up for naked cuddles and pillow talk. Even if you want to try something that’s never crossed their mind, they’ll probably give a shot just because they’re so down for anything. A youngest is going to be energetic, expressive, and an overall good time. They’re definitely the person you’re going to tell your friends all about – you won’t be able to help it.


Twins are naturally intuitive and deep and crave connection from their partners. Twins are the love-makers of the bunch. Their style is less playful and more sensual. Less race to the finish line and more about exploring every inch of their partners. Twins aren’t as turned on by things that are purely sexual or animalistic, they’d prefer moments and actions that are more about really, truly connecting with the person they’re with. Think slow make-outs, extended foreplay, eye contact, kissing and checking in throughout. That sort of passion is exactly what a twin wants from their sex life. Being able to give it to them will make them borderline obsessed with you.

Only Child

Only children are curious, creative, and prone to experimentation. They love figuring things out and have imaginations that run absolutely wild. If you’re ever wanting to spice things up – go to an only child. The fantasies they’ve concocted in their heads are beyond what you could think up on your own. If you can dream it, and only child can think up how to take it to the next level. Toys, taboos, sex dares…if it’s a possibility they want to try it. Don’t be too intimidated by their natural trysexual tendencies. They’re great listeners and very patient and will put your comfort above almost anything. You’ll never have a partner quite like an only child. And the memories the two of you will make together will be staggering. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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