21 Little Mistakes It’s Perfectly Okay To Make In Your Twenties


1. Repeating the same woes and stories about the same people who broke your heart over and over until you sound like a broken record and you’re worried that your friends are talking about you behind your back.

2. Spending weekends binge-watching an entire season of a TV Show on Netflix instead of cleaning, exercising, or doing anything remotely interesting or productive.

3. Wearing swimsuit bottoms (or, well, nothing) as underwear and the same T-shirt doused in Febreze because you couldn’t be bothered to actually do your laundry.

4. Forgetting to pay your friend back for drinks after a crazy night out.

5. Treating Tinder like some sort of weird social, people-watching game and forgetting that…well…the people on your screen are actual human beings who wanted you to text them back.

6. Saying yes to too many things, and then having to pick and choose when you realize you’ve taken on too much.

7. Oversleeping and still taking your time to shower and do a cat eye and get your favorite coffee because why not.

8. Impulsively sleeping with one of your friends, and having to navigate what that means for the two of you after it’s not what you thought.

9. Never thinking about what you eat. Especially at 2 AM when you’re belting out Katy Perry at the top of your lungs and getting drunk street food with your friends.

10. Stretching the truth on your resume because you just desperately want a shot at your dream job and you’re willing to do whatever it takes.

11. Refusing to admit when you’re wrong because you haven’t learned how to check your pride quite yet.

12. Overstepping at work and having to figure out how to find your place again.

13. Passing out cold in a full face of makeup after going out all night.

14. Wearing stuff or styling yourself in ways purely because it looked cool on Instagram, and you know in 5ish years you’ll totally cringe at yourself.

15. Ghosting someone. And realizing what a dick move that was when it happens to you.

16. Forgetting to send thank you cards after Christmas until like, March.

17. Being, admittedly, a little too invested in social media.

18. Blowing a bunch of money on something extravagant (and probably kind of dumb) because it made you feel more special than putting it into a savings account would’ve in that moment.

19. Falling in love with people who you know are bad for you and who you know are going to hurt you in the long run, but you can’t help but be completely drawn to them despite the red flags.

20. Dramatically deciding your life is harder than everyone else’s and that no one will ever understand you and nothing will ever be okay ever again.

21. Making mistakes left and right, because in the end you start to actually figure out what to do instead. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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