32 Deeply Honest Questions You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Ask Your Significant Other

1. “Why do you love me?”

2. “When do I challenge you the most?”

3. “How could I be a better partner to you?”

4. “What do you miss most about someone from your past?”

5. “How have we changed since we first started dating?”

6. “What is your favorite memory of our relationship?”

7. “What is your least favorite memory of our relationship?”

8.  “Is there anything you don’t feel like you can talk to me about?”

9. “How have I improved your life?”

10. “What could do to make your life better?”

11. “What is something you are hesitant to tell me about my personality?”

12. “When did you know you could trust me?”

13. “How do you think we could communicate better as a couple?”

14. “What is your favorite thing we do together?”

15. “Have you had to sacrifice things in order to be with me?”

16. “How do you handle jealousy?”

17. “When do I make you laugh the hardest?”

18. “Has there ever been a moment where we just had to agree to disagree?”

19. “When have you been enormously proud of me?”

20. “When did you realize you were falling in love with me?”

21. “Have I ever disappointed you?”

22. “What has surprised you most about this relationship?”

23. “What do you consider to be my most attractive quality?”

24. “Has there ever been a time where you questioned us?”

25. “And if yes, how did we overcome that?”

26. “How do you still love me when I’m not my best?”

27. “What is something I influenced you to do?”

28. “If we did break up, what would you miss most about me?”

29. “How is this relationship different than your previous relationships?”

30. “Why were you drawn to me when we first started dating?”

31. “What will you always remember about me as a partner?”

32. “What can I do to help strengthen our relationship?” Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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