This Is Why People Fall In Love With You, Based On Your Birth Order


First Born

Oldest children just have a knack for bettering the lives of the people who they care about. Once a first born is in your life, it becomes really difficult to imagine it without them. And more than that, you don’t WANT to imagine your life without them. They come into your life and show you how much better you could be living, how much simpler your life could be, how much they could take care of you.

What people love most about about oldest children is the sense of security that comes with being around one. You’re never going to feel more safe, more cared for, more cared about, or more secure than when you’re with an oldest child. Oldest children are natural caregivers, and live for making sure their partners feel safe and loved. People fall for oldest children because they get a glimpse of the potential their life has, and once you see that you never want to let it go.

Somewhere in the Middle

Middle children have had the unique experience of growing up with two opposite personalities on either side of them. Because of this, they really have to dig and work to carve out a place for themselves. They have to establish themselves as their own person in order to not get lost in the shadow or wake of their siblings.

Middle children are often free spirits who don’t worry about what people think of them. They have cultivated a personality and way of being in the world that is 100% unique to them. This makes them captivating, original, and so, so interesting. People love middle children because they’re ultimately so inspired whenever they’re around them. They fall in love with a middle child because they’re unlike anyone they’ve ever come into contact with before, and they can’t wait to learn more about who they are.


Youngest children might as well have “adventure” as a middle name. They’re drawn to new experiences, new opportunities, new people. Just a whole lot of new, new, new. A youngest child never settles for anything, which makes them magnets for people who are intrigued with that adventure, and the excitement that ultimately comes along with it.

People fall head over heels for youngest children because their thirst for life and all of that new is so intoxicating. It’s hard not to want to chase someone who’s constantly running after the things that they’re passionate about. A portion of why people love youngest children is because the they love the thrill of that chase, but even better than the chase? It’s when you actually catch them.


Twins are deep, highly emotional, and crave connectivity in their relationships. They tend to be slightly difficult to get to know, but it’s more out of self-preservation than actually being closed off. Once a twin gets to know someone, and really trust them? They let them into their heart and form a connection with them unlike any other.

When someone is falling for a twin, it’s because they’ve never experienced a level of emotionally connectivity like that before. Twins have an innate ability to make people feel heard, to empathize with them, and to make them feel understood. The connection that people experience with twins when falling in love is unlike any other, and is incredibly heartwarming and intimidatingly deep. Falling for a twin (and in turn, getting them to fall for you) may be a slower process, but it’s almost always a big love.

Only Child

Creative, imaginative, and (at times) a bit misunderstood, only children impulsively and instinctually keep most people at arm’s length. They tend to keep to themselves, keep their emotions locked down, and don’t open up to just anyone. They’re very content being on their own so letting someone into their world isn’t just an everyday occurrence — it’s a big deal.

People who fall in love with only children aren’t afraid of a challenge, in fact they’re excited by challenges. They see an only child for everything they could be behind their walls and their idiosyncrasies, and love the idea of getting to peel back their layers and get to know them. People fall in love with only children because they recognize how special and dynamic of a person is in there. And the recognize how sometimes, people are more than just what meets the eye. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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