16 People On The Painfully Honest Thing They’d Say To An Ex If Given The Chance

Drew Wilson
Drew Wilson

1. “The last time we spoke he called me basically telling me that he hadn’t told his girlfriend that he loved her because there was a part of him that was still in love with me. At the time, I told him he had to try and make it work without me because I was so convinced that we’d never be in the ‘right place right time.’ I really, really regret it. So if I could tell him, ‘Fuck timing, I still love you too,’ I would. I absolutely would.” — Kate, 25

2. “Ha. If we ever spoke again I’d ask for my How I Met Your Mother DVDs back. Does anyone still watch DVDs? No. But it’s the principal of the matter.” — Kyle, 27

3. “I think I’d honestly tell him that I’m disappointed in him. And that I understand if that’s unfair or doesn’t really hold any weight, but that I wished I hadn’t watched him or heard about him ruining friendships, being financially irresponsible, or fucking around with his education in the ways that I had. I maybe am not entitled to an opinion, but I’m sad to hear that he wasn’t the person I know he was capable of being. But (!!) that I hope since those years are long gone, that he’s different now. And that maybe I wouldn’t be bummed out by him. Maybe, we’d even be able to be friends.” — Kendra, 27

4. “We left at a really awkward angry place and I really just wish I could tell him I’m sorry. I’m sorry for all of it. Truly. And I’ll likely always be sorry.” — Lauren, 23

5. “I would tell her that breaking her heart broke mine more than she ever knew. I know she blamed me a lot for her sadness, her depression, her hurt. But hurting her and letting her go because I knew it wasn’t right was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. And I’d just hope she’d be able to understand that.” — Sean, 26

6. “That I’d faked it. Every time.” — Quinn, 24

7. “I’d just tell him that I really loved him, and that I’m really thankful I got the chance to be with him, to be his. I learned so much being with him, and was treated so wonderfully and loved so deeply. And I’m really, really thankful to have had that experience. When someone ever asks if I’ve been in love, I get to say unquestionably, ”Yes.” And that’s all because of him.” — Nicole, 25

8. “I mean, if I was being totally honest, I’d tell him that I got really sick of worrying about him all the damn time. He had a lot of issues (alcohol, anger, not knowing his limits) and it put way too much pressure on our relationship, and in turn, on me. And even though I really WANTED to be able to hold it all up…I couldn’t. Worrying about him 24/7 was just too much at 21…and probably wouldn’t have been something I could’ve handled no matter my age. I wish I could’ve been everything he needed, but I couldn’t. And I’m sorry. But I had to take care of me or him. I had to choose. And I chose myself.” — Rose, 27

9. “I would tell her that I know she cheated on me, and even though it destroyed me, I forgive her. Because forgiving her is the only way I can move on from what she did.” — Josh, 28

10. “I miss his dog. Like really, really miss that dog. If we could be friends specifically so I could friends with his dog…I wouldn’t hate it.” — Kevin, 24

11. “I would remind him that we promised to be good to each other. That when we split and I handed back the ring, that we said we wouldn’t pin anyone against the other. I would remind him of the man I was in love with, the man I still hope to reconcile and find something salvageable with amongst a relationship that ultimately fell apart. I would remind him that at one time, I loved him. And that at most points, there is still a version of that love there. I would remind him to not forget it.” — Anna, 28

12. “I would tell her to stop asking if I was seeing anyone new. We both know she doesn’t want to know, and if I answer it’s just going to turn into some fight. And we’re not together anymore. We don’t need to be fighting.” — Dustin, 24

13. “I’d tell him that I know it was him who broken my phone that one Christmas. I SAW him drop it. And people don’t forget!!!” — Nick, 25

14 “I very, very sincerely hope you’ve gotten over your fear of semen.” — Charlie, 24

15. “That getting matching tattoos was both the dumbest, and one of my most favorite memories. I may shake my head at us for doing it, but I definitely don’t regret it.” — Dani, 26

16. “I still love her. I still love her as much as I did the first time I said it. As much as the first time I watched her fall asleep in my arms. As much as when we had our first fight and then, the first time we made up. I love her whole heartedly even though I’m not supposed to. And, if she let me? I’d absolutely fight for her. I just need her to let me.” — Matthew, 26 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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