This Is The Type Of Person Who’s Attracted To You, Based On Your Birth Order


First Born

As a first born, you have an unbelievable ability to improve the life of whoever you’re connected to. You’re the person that comes into someone’s life and takes it from a 5 to a 10, with seemingly no effort involved. You thrive off of bettering your partner, and they reap the benefits of being with you.

People who are attracted to eldest children are attracted to stability, to assurance. Typically they’re looking for someone to really settle down with, to really form some that has roots and longevity. People who are attracted to oldest children at attracted to real, long-lasting, deep relationships. They want someone and something substantial, and that’s who they typically go for.

Somewhere In The Middle

Middle children are ridiculously go with the flow and adaptable. If you present a middle child with a curveball, they’re barely going to blink an eye. As a middle child you’re an unshakeable little rock and make the best confidant — you can always trust a middle child.

People are drawn to middle children because they’re trustworthy, strong, and you know you can rely on them. There’s a calming sort of energy that surround a middle child, and people can sense that. They’re attracted to them because they’re the sense of stability in the midst of any chaos, and they know that they can come to you when things get crazy and you’ll automatically have the right thing to say. You’re their rock, and that’s insanely attractive.


You’re a bundle of energy and a crazy amount of fun. As a youngest child you’re kind of a “yes” man. Not in the sense that you’re a pushover, but in the sense that you’re always down for anything. A youngest child never really grows up, never loses their playful energy.

So people who are attracted to youngest children are attracted to just that: the fun that exudes from a youngest child. They’re probably talking about how hard you make them laugh, and how they’re constantly surprised by you. People are drawn to youngest children because even just being around them makes you feel youthful, energized, and…well…young.


As a twin you are a great listener, incredibly warm, and kind of a magnet for human connection. You’ve always been close to someone, so becoming best friends instantly or wanting to know everything about someone right from the get go is second nature to you. You crave connection, crave conversation, crave that feeling of truly knowing someone.

Which is why people who are attracted to twins are attracted to the way that they make them feel. Being with a twin is like having the best secret keeper, the biggest cheerleader, and unconditional love all in one. Twins have an insane ability to make whoever they’re with feel like the only and most important person in any room, and that is unbelievably attractive.

Only Child

You are admittedly, kind of a weirdo. You’re the most introverted extrovert, the most talkative of the loners. You’re kind of a little anomaly who marches to the beat of your own drum, and does whatever suits you.

The person who is attracted to you is absolutely unafraid of a challenge. They see your weirdness, your walls, your undeniable originality and they don’t chalk it up to you being difficult — they absolutely love it. People who are drawn to only children are drawn to things that fit outside of a box. They aren’t looking for a stereotype — they’re looking to make something entirely new and just for them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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