50 One-Sentence Reminders For Anyone Who Feels Like They’re Never Going To Amount To Anything


1. You are allowed to change.

2. But you are also allowed to feel discomfort while changing.

3. Because that’s called growing.

4. No one who is/was ever successful got there by being stagnant.

5. It takes 7 years to completely shed your skill cells, so every 7 years you are a new person.

6. All it takes to reinvent yourself is the decision that you want to do just that.

7. Sometimes all you need to feel better is a good night’s sleep.

8. And then every day you wake up, you can choose to be different.

9. Things have a funny way of working themselves out.

10. You just have to trust that they actually will.

11. Everyone who has gained any sort of success, went through a period of feeling like a failure.

12. Because failure is, quite simply, a part of life.

13. Oprah was fired at 23.

14. Vera Wang thought she was going to be a professional ice skater.

15. Thomas Edison was called “stupid” by his teachers.

16. Literally everyone and anyone who you have ever admired has hit rock bottom.

17. (And probably more than once.)

18. The only way you’re going to reach your goals, is by chasing them.

19. Without fear, without trepidation – just chasing them.

20. No one takes anyone seriously from the get-go.

21. It’s perfectly normal to wonder what would have happened if you’d been an accountant.

22. But it’s MORE than normal to want something more for yourself.

23. You have to remember that success is subjective, especially to whoever is observing it.

24. One man’s success is another man’s rock bottom.

25. But to be fair, rock bottom can sometimes result in the best successes.

26. Without rock bottom, there’d be no Harry Potter.

27. If you woke up this morning able to pay your rent, eat breakfast, and talk on a phone? You’re doing better than most.

28. And if you acknowledged that, that was more than one sentence you needed to know you’re doing just fine.

29. Everyone edits their lives these days, you’re only seeing the highlights reel.

30. The bloopers reel is more honest, but it’s not as marketable.

31. You’re valid.

32. And worth it.

33. And special.

34. And great.

35. It’s MORE than normal to feel lost in your 20s.

36. It’s the sign that you’re actually living.

37. You couldn’t make magic without making mistakes.

38. Sometimes the only way we find ourselves is by getting a little lost.

39. Not knowing what you’re doing with your life is a right of passage.

40. Figuring out what you WANT to do with your life, is the next one.

41. There’s no shame in trying new things.

42. Even if they don’t work out.

43. If you have stories — you’ve lived.

44. And if you feel like you don’t have stories, you’re 100% wrong!

45. You’re here, you’ve lived, you are valid.

46. Because everyone’s story is valid.

47. Even (and especially) yours.

48. Everything will absolutely work out in the end.

49. Growing up isn’t supposed to be comfortable.

50. That’s why they call them “growing pains.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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