Here’s How You Know Your Partner Loves You, Based On Their Birth Order


First Born

Oldest children are the caretakers of the bunch. They’re very comfortable being the ‘mom’ or the ‘dad’ of their group of friends, and that almost always transfers over towards their partner or their special someone.

When you’re with an oldest child, you’re with someone who is always trying to take care of you. They’ll be the boyfriend or the girlfriend who is never worried about catching the cold you have, they’ll just show up with soup and kombucha in hand more than ready to hole up on the couch with you until you feel better. They’re the ones who send ‘good morning’ and ‘sweet dreams’ texts, and who never fail to make sure you KNOW just how much they care. Sometimes their love can feel a little smothering and they can feel like a helicopter partner, but know that it comes from a good place. They just want to make you happy.

Somewhere In The Middle

Middle children grew up with a caretaker, and a show off on either side of them. Because of this they’ve been forced to carve out their own identity and cultivate a personality that’s unique to them in order to get attention. What this means when they’re in love? They’ll stop at nothing to make sure your eyes are always on them.

A middle child will be the partner who’s constantly looking for praise. Don’t think of them as needy or like they’re fishing for compliments, because it’s not about that. It’s because the feeling of you being proud to be with them and wanting to show them off is their favorite feeling in the world. You’ll know a middle child really loves you because they care what you think and they value your opinion above everyone else’s.


Youngest children are the life of the party. They’re often very boisterous and have a certain ‘Look at me! Look at me!’ quality about them. When you date a youngest child you’re dating someone who you’ll constantly need to keep up with, or else be left behind.

Which is why when a youngest child loves someone, like truly truly loves them, they’re willing to hit their internal pause button. They will stop and asses the other person’s needs and think about how to include them, rather than just yank them along for the ride. You’ll know that your youngest child partner is really invested in you when they’re looking for ways to make the adventure about the two of you, instead of it simply being their one man show with you as an audience member.


Twins come with built in best friends, and that can be challenging when dating someone. It becomes really easy for the partner of a twin to feel ‘less than’ or like they’re constantly in someone else’s shadow. It’s understandable when you think about it; but just understanding something doesn’t make it easier to deal with.

When a twin has really fallen in love, it’s because their partner has become something their twin never was and can never be. The relationships are different (one doesn’t replace the other) but you’ll feel an almost overwhelming sense that you complete them in a way. You’ll know a twin is in love when they start coming to you for advice, really consider you a partner, and are trying their hardest to incorporate you into almost every aspect of their life. When you can sense that a twin feels at home with you, that’s when you know they are in it to win it.

Only Child

Only children are very all or nothing people. They’re either head over heels in love, or kind of ambivalent to be honest.

Which is why when an only child falls for someone, it’s a big deal. They don’t take these emotions lightly because they don’t happen very often. Your only child partner will probably be hesitant at first, and will never cease to comment on how they’re ‘never like this.’ It’s absolutely meant as a compliment. You will know that an only child is in love and invested when they open up to you and start being comfortable with their own vulnerability. They’ll tell you about their family (who they’re wildly protective of) and their hopes and dreams without fear of judgement. When an only child trusts you, that’s when they love you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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