50 One-Sentence Reminders For Anyone Who Is Having 'One Of Those Days'

50 One-Sentence Reminders For Anyone Who Is Having ‘One Of Those Days’

1. It’s just a bad day, not a bad life.

2. Feeling sad or down in the dumps doesn’t make you pathetic, it means you’re a human.

3. Some great art came because of great sadness.

4. Depression is out of your control, not doing anything BECAUSE of it is well within your control.

5. Somewhere out there, someone is probably smiling because of you.

6. If you have a roof over your head and food in your fridge, you’re already doing better than a lot of people.

7. “I just don’t feel like it,” is a perfectly acceptable reason to pass on something.

8. Being kind to yourself is never, ever selfish.

9. You can get out of bed because if you find it’s too much, you can always get back in.

10. There is an expiration date on how long you will feel sad.

11. Tomorrow is another day.

12. Everything is temporary.

13. Finding your own strength is one of the strongest things you can possibly do.

14. Being self-reliant is an amazing feat that you should be proud of.

15. But asking for help is equally as admirable.

16. Sometimes you won’t know why you’re in a mood, and that’s okay.

17. If someone doesn’t ‘get’ bad moods, they’re just completely in their own world and you don’t need to pay attention to them.

18. There are so many people who deal with depression every day; you are not alone.

19. You don’t have to run a marathon, you can just go to the store.

20. It’s the little things that count.

21. “You is kind, you is smart, you is important.”

22. It takes a certain amount of maturity to be able to say, “I’m in a bad mood but I will keep going anyway.”

23. When you feel your pulse beating, it means you’ve survived everything and you’re still here.

24. There is no shame in saying, “I can’t do this alone.”

25. But there is also no shame in needing to deal with it by yourself if that’s what feels right.

26. It is totally okay and valid to be sad for no reason (or for a stupid reason).

27. But admitting this is what takes the power away from the sadness.

28. Being in touch with your emotions means you’re self-aware, so congratulations.

29. There is no right way or wrong way to take care of yourself.

30. Sometimes even just drinking water, going outside, or even stretching can make all of the difference.

31. But sometimes it won’t — and you aren’t a failure if it doesn’t.

32. Take care of yourself, others second.

33. It’s okay (and even helpful) to laugh at yourself and your moods.

34. Even Obama has bad days.

35. If all you did today was shower, you’re still doing better than a lot of people.

36. “If Britney can make it through 2007, you can make it through today.”

37. Your pain is an excuse to be in a bad mood, but not an excuse to be cruel.

38. Apologize when you need to not only to other people, but also to yourself.

39. You are not selfish for saying, “I can only take care of me right now.”

40. If something is making you feel worse, it’s okay to remove it from your life.

41. If Zoloft helps you, that’s awesome.

42. But if just going for walk does the trick, that’s awesome too.

43. Sometimes just acknowledging what’s bringing you down is enough to take the power away from it.

44. You will not be miserable forever.

45. It’s okay (actually more than okay, it’s empowering) to be able to laugh through your pain.

46. Sleeping it off is just as valid for sadness as it is for hangovers.

47. It’s okay to feel like a rollercoaster — you’re normal.

48. Crying about nothing is still a perfectly acceptable reason to cry.

49. Mental health and self-care are things that you have to work on forever.

50. So take it one day at a time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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