15 Everyday Things Only Someone Who Is ‘The Funny Friend’ Will Understand

Amy Warner
Amy Warner

1. You’re the go to person when someone needs to be cheered up.

When someone is having a rough day you’ll probably get a text that says something like, “School was shit. Tell me something funny” or some sort of variation. Some friends are the go to for life advice or “real talk” moments, you’re the person everyone heads towards when they just need to laugh. They say laughter is the best medicine, and you’re well versed in just how to give it.

It’s not just jokes or little quips, however. Your “just because” gifts are next level funny, and you have an uncanny ability to make someone giggle on even the crappiest of days.

2. Sometimes it feels like no one takes you seriously.

You’ve found yourself in a situation on more than one occasion where you’re showing some level of vulnerability…but everyone thinks you’re kidding around. Maybe you were talking about having hurt feelings about something, or a struggle at work, but people just assumed you were doing a bit and failed to really listen. It can be frustrating, when everyone constantly thinks you’re just being silly. And it sometimes makes you repress your actual emotions because you don’t think people will listen if you aren’t making a joke.

3. Answering “Nothing’s wrong! I’m just quiet!” will never get less annoying.

It’s almost like you CAN’T have an off day, because everyone will assume that you’re pissed or sad or depressed or something. When you’re usually totally crazy or silly and suddenly are just having a quiet day, it has a really unfortunate side effect of making everyone around you think something is wrong. And then you’re explaining yourself which can honestly be kind of exhausting.

4. You’re always the center of attention, and it’s honestly a lot of pressure.

When you’re the extroverted jokester of a group, often the pressure of keeping the conversation and entertainment flowing is put directly onto you. And while most of the time you’re totally happy stepping into that role, sometimes you just want someone else to take the reins and keep everyone happy. It can be really awkward when everyone is looking to you for some hilarious commentary or a funny story, but internally feeling like you have nothing.

5. There’s nothing worse than when no one laughs at a joke.

And THEN there’s the instance where a joke doesn’t land or people don’t get you and you feel the uncomfortable silence and all of their eyeballs staring your way. It’s honestly the goddamn worst and makes you feel about two inches tall. But, you’ve gotten good at shaking it off and keeping on, because that’s what a comedy kid does.

6. There are times when your life feels less like a life, and more like a sitcom.

You’ve had that moment being like, “Is this scripted? This HAS to be scripted.” because your life feels so ridiculous at times. And you keep waiting (read: hoping) to hear the laugh track come two seconds after the fact.

7. You’ve questioned whether people ACTUALLY like you, or if you’re simply entertaining to be around.

One of your biggest insecurities is wondering whether or not your friends actually love you and cherish you, or if you’re really just entertainment to them. It makes you feel like you have to keep being ridiculous, keep being the Chandler Bing to their Ross Geller, in order to (in turn) keep them around. Deep down you recognize that this is probably all in your head, but it doesn’t stop it from being something you worry about.

8. Explaining that you’re just not feeling funny today is kind of the worst.

There’s really not a good way to explain that you just aren’t feeling particularly comedic sometimes. It seems like people just honestly don’t get it. So, on days where you feel a little bit more like a raincloud instead of a sunbeam, you tend to just keep to yourself. It’s easier that way.

9. You find yourself hiding your not-so-pleasant emotions to make everyone else comfortable.

Because you’re so often the person that everyone turns to when they need to be cheered up, it can be hard for you to find a friend or a person to go to when you aren’t feeling so great. This has kind of lead you to compartmentalize and internalize your emotions in order to keep everyone else happier.

10. You’ve caught yourself “performing” on more than one occasion.

Every now and then you’ve had to check yourself because instead of being in the moment, actually being there with your friends, it seems like you’re performing some sort of one-person show. It’s not necessarily a bad thing; just something you tend to do when you’re on a hot streak. You have to remind yourself every so often that you aren’t being filmed by a camera and it’s ok to just chill. You don’t ALWAYS have to be on a roll, it’s okay.

11. If someone is getting a lot of laughs from your group, you instinctually feel threatened.

While you have a love/hate relationship with your role as the class clown, you really don’t want to give it up to someone else. Your secret fear about anyone new that you meet is that they are funnier than you. You aren’t proud of it, but that’s just the truth.

12. You sometimes try and give meaningful advice, but it feels weird.

It’s hard for your friends to take you seriously, and honestly, for you to take YOURSELF seriously too. So even when you have real, solid advice to give, it can come out wrong and almost incoherently because you’re so used to telling jokes instead of brutal honesty. You still have good advice to give, just figuring how HOW to deliver it can be tricky.

13. You’ve found yourself “pre-writing” material in your head.

You’ve definitely seen something funny or had something happen to you and figured out the perfect punchline to the ending of retelling it before you’ve been in a position to retell said story. You keep solid catchphrases and funny quips that have gotten a good reaction in the back of your head just in case you need them.

14. You get really sick of being called “the funny one” every now and then.

You’re not just one dimensional; you’re a whole person. And even though you LOVE the fact that you can make your friends spit take and lose it, sometimes it feels like a really big generalization that you kind of wish you could shake.

15. At the end of the day though, you really do live for seeing everyone smile around you.

Being a funny person has its ups and downs for sure. But there’s really nothing better than being able to make someone laugh. And you wouldn’t trade it for the world. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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