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This Is What You Should Do If Your Ex Texts You During Mercury Retrograde

Let’s get one thing clear: if someone from your past comes back into your life, that is not a coincidence.

The world works in mysterious ways and the universe can send you both blessings and curses. So when it’s time for Mercury to go into Retrograde, get ready for whatever it throws your way. 

So what is Mercury Retrograde? The planet Mercury “moves in the opposite direction” and although it’s just an illusion, astrologers believe it does have an affect on us. For about two weeks, a few times a year, sh*t hits the fan. Electronics break, flights are missed (it’s a bad time to travel), there are ugly fights and lots of miscommunication, and someone from your past will return. Always.

Mercury wants you to see if there is something you can do to make more of a former relationship. That’s when we have a chance to fix things. Maybe he still loves you, you still love him. Love is hard to find. Maybe you should have lunch. If you have an inkling, Mercury is a good time to get more.

–Susan Miller, on Mercury Retrograde for The Cut

If your ex reaches out to you, know that the universe is testing you. The universe sends you blessings just as often as it sends lessons and it’s up to you to interpret the message it’s sending.

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So let’s say your ex (-fling, -girlfriend, -boyfriend, -friend, -whatever) comes back and sends a “Hi, how are you?” or an “I miss you” text. Don’t jump the gun and respond right away, but more importantly, don’t put on rose-colored glasses. You have to see things clearly to think clearly. Think about it: do they love you, or do they love the attention you give them? 

Consider the ending of your relationship, if it was mutual and understanding or if there was bad blood. Is this the universe’s way of giving you love a second chance? Maybe, maybe not. You have to use your intuition in these circumstances. 

The universe sends people back into your life all the time, and it’s your job to interpret their reasoning for being there. I do believe that love is the strongest force in the world and I believe the universe has a strong hand in the game of life. I also believe that real love doesn’t just come and go as it pleases. And yet… their mind went to you, and that says something, doesn’t it? 

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