The Best Social Distancing Pickup Lines To Use Right Now

#SocialDistancingPickupLines = Comic Relief

The entire world is on lockdown because of the Coronavirus and because of that, we are spending more time doing things we wouldn’t normally do… like actually start a conversation with someone on a dating app. We’re all in this together, experiencing the same fears, swiping through profiles, sliding in DMs. Although pickup lines are usually a hit or miss on dating apps, we’re all in dire need of some social connection while social distancing. If you’re looking to slide into that person’s DMs with a pickup line about social distancing, here are some of the best:

A new take on a classic:

Aw, that’s…cute?

I mean, they’re not wrong…

Don’t be jealous ’cause I’ve been chatting online with babes all day.

How to win someone’s heart in March 2020:

Romantic date idea:

A new take on the whole “Netflix and Chill” thing.


We love a good Notting Hill-but-make-it-the-end-of-the-world romance.

*Delivery Date!*

Kiss me thru the phone ~ 


Hookup culture during COVID-19 be like: 

Mr. Smooth = you and Joey Tribbiani.

Use this one on your crush:

Because who doesn’t love a good movie reference?

And even the news is covering it…

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